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Lamarthe Sale at Ideeli

So, a while back I found myself fixated with Lamarthe Handbags. I think it was the leather that really did me in. The leather is absolutely gorgeous, soft, supple and down right touchable. As you can imagine, being a girl who love deals and steals, I was nothing but thrilled when I saw that Ideeli was hosting a Lamarthe sale. Today, over at Ideeli you can shop Lamarthe handbags and save over 60% on these fabulous bags. One of the other great things about this line, these bags will last. You can tell that attention to detail has not been sacrificed. Click here to shop and save!

Over the past couple weeks, I keep seeing Lamarthe handbags. I have to say, there is something about these handbags I absolutely love. After trying to pin point what I love about the bags, I realized that more than anything, they just seem to be impeccably made. The Lamarthe First Class Drawstring Bag is no exception. At first glance, this handbag screams class and sophistication. The dusty rose leather and silvertone hardware work well together. I’m not usually a huge fan of this color, but it doesn’t look too girly which I do like. The drawstring opening is covered by a flap over with ring detailing and there is one of my favorite additions to the handbag world, an interior magnetic snap closure. You know, the other thing about this bag that I like is that it seems as though it could work for a wide spectrum of age groups. Well, Lamarthe designers have done something right since the first boutique opened in 1936, celebrities as well as some of the most fashionable women of their time have been spotted carrying Lamarthe handbags. What about you, if you haven’t heard of Lamarthe before, are you going to keep your eye out? Buy through Bluefly for $455.