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LAI Patent Pamela Top Handle

There are few things more glamorous than a really great patent bag. Because of the overwhelming shininess, it can be hard to create one that’s not either tacky or mumsy, but when it happens, it’s beautiful. Which is exactly what the LAI Patent Pamela Top Handle is. The success or failure of a patent bag rests mainly on two features: color and shape. Luckily, this bag hits them both out of the park. (more…)

So, I have a confession to make; I don’t own an exotic bag of my own. I do have a gorgeous Adriana Castro cosmetic bag, but I don’t have an exotic bag. And when it comes to me and exotics, I am very picky. Just as I am sure you do, I know everything that goes into an exotic bag. Like so many other bags, time and time again goes into the entire production of the bag. And while it could just be me, when it comes to exotic, I take even more of the production process into account. (more…)

We’ve been covering a few LAI handbags recently. Personally, I tend to link most of them. This particular clutch is no exception. In all honesty, the first thing I said when I saw this handbag was “oh-la-la”. Both the color and the shape of the LAI Trudy Clutch lured me in. Genuine python skin fits this clutch perfectly. Of course, the color is to die for. I love the pastel-y color; it’s not too dark or too light. But even beyond that, there is something about the shape that I adore. Yes, I’ve seen this shape before, but at the same time, there is something about the way the color and material combination that make this clutch one of a kind.

LAI Trudy Clutch

Now the real question comes up… what will I wear this with? Well, the answer my friends… just about anything! This is a clutch that will work throughout several seasons (especially Spring and Summer) and with so many outfits. This is also the kind of clutch that I might break out during the winter, to add a splash of color. Anyone else with me on this? Buy through Bluefly for $525.

There’s nothing I love better (okay, well, maybe a few things, but it’s up there) than being able to bring a reasonably priced exotic bag to all of our PurseBlog Savvy readers. It’s more important now than it has been at any other time in my life to make sure we’re all spending wisely and getting excellent bang for our bucks, but no one wants to have to sacrifice all of their luxuries in order to do it. If the price is right, exotic bags can still be a small part of a responsible financial lifestyle.

LAI Lola Python Clutch

Which is where the LAI Lola Python Cutch comes in. It’s a sleek, simple envelope made of real python dyed a medium blue that would work with a variety of looks. It’s nothing if not useful for all kinds of occasions, and the design is classic enough that it won’t be out of style in a few years. And not only is it something you’ll have and use for a long time to come, but the price is good enough that you don’t have to feel bad about doing it. Buy through Bluefly for $351.