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Kooba Ava SatchelI have one problem with the Kooba Ava Satchel, but I think that one problem is overshadowed with the things I like about it. We’ll start with the positives, because I’m in that kind of mood today. First, the color. It’s undeniably gorgeous, and even better in person than in photos (and also more grey than the silver that you see here). It’s dark and charcoal-y with just enough silver for a touch of glamor, but not so much that you couldn’t wear it with almost anything. In larger incarnations, the color makes for a great everyday bag. In this smaller bag, it’s a super-versatile clutch that will go with any night-out ensemble in my closet. Another positive is the leather, which Kooba is known for. Many metallic leathers get stiff or even rough when treated to increase their shine, but the leather on this bag is super supple and just as soft as any non-metallic bag you’ll find. The size is also great – small enough to take to a bar or out to dinner, big enough to actually put stuff into it.

And now for my problem – the little handles that peek out of the top are horribly awkward in real life. They’re not long enough to be actually useful, and they’re oddly shaped and don’t stand up straight. I’d rather they were let off completely, but they can be tucked in without much problem, allowing the clutch to be carried by hand or with the long chain shoulder strap that is also included. If you’re looking to add a super-versatile clutch to your wardrobe, this is a great option, despite its flaws. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $495.