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Juicy Couture China Tote

I have gone through phases of loving and disliking then loving Juicy Couture. But Juicy Couture realized they needed to reach out to the masses and they have. Long gone are the days of track suits only and here are the days of cute dresses, leather bags, and addictive charms. Amanda recently reviewed the Juicy Couture Queens Garden Tote which she liked but thought there was a bit too much going on. (more…)

Juicy Couture: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’ve never been a *huge* fan. Now, don’t go and curse me and my opinions quite yet. Sure, there have been some cute handbags and clothes out there before, but I was usually turned off by the blatant logo flashing. We all have our own taste in fashion, but I don’t like wearing a shirt or carrying a bag that advertises itself. I took a couple Marketing/Advertising courses in college and I know how this all goes. I get the concept of brand marketing, but I never wanted to be a walking advertisement.

Yet, I still find myself checking out Juicy Couture from time to time. It was a breath of fresh air to look through the new handbags and not be overwhelmed by the Juicy Couture logo everywhere I looked. In fact, for once, I saw more handbags I was interested in than vice versa. (more…)

Juicy Couture Slouch Leather Tote

This past weekend was filled with craziness; first my birthday and second preparing for Hurricane Ike, which took a turn away from South Florida, so we are in the clear. But the weekend was great nonetheless and now we are back to work. I was talking about the pull away from super high end designer bags last week, and I am going with that today too. The fact of the matter is that many people are deciding to opt for ‘more affordable’ bags rather than the premiere designer bags. Do you fit into this category?

And while I have not been the kindest to Juicy Couture handbags in the past, I am pleasantly surprised by quite a few of their bags as of late. Now there is the Juicy Couture Slouch Leather Tote which is a large roomy and slouchy tote made with soft leather and minimal hardware. Simplicity is something that Juicy Couture struggles with at times, wanting to add their logo or emblem, but this bag flies under the radar quite nicely. Available in dusty power pink leather or black leather, the Slouch Leather Tote has pleating around the sides and a fastening at the top. The hardware does have the designer emblem embossed on it, but it does not garner too much attention. All in all, I really like this bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $525.