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Juicy Couture No Drama HoboUgh, punch me in the face, I hate this. In fact, I hate the Juicy Couture No Drama Hobo so much that I’ve spent several days contemplating it, trying to think of ways to most accurately explain just exactly how much this thing irritates me. I hate embroidered things in general – they very often look cheap and hippie, and not in a cool boho way. I hate embroidered flowers in particular, since they often look like unfortunate ripoffs of something that actually has ethnic or cultural significance, and turning that into a Juicy Couture handbag is just annoying. It also has the brand’s name emblazoned on it, because of course it does, because that’s what they do. The handle and the way it attached to the bag look flimsy, and the overall effect of the entire bag is decidedly not high-end. I don’t know what they were thinking with this one, because Juicy has made some bags that I don’t hate lately, but this is at least two steps back in their march to becoming a respectable handbag brand. Buy through Saks for $188.