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It seems to me as though most Valentine’s Day outfits consist of some mixture of the following colors: red, pink, black, silver and white. I don’t know where the idea came from that the date ensembles for the holiday had to include the holiday’s color scheme, but it seems like most girls try to stack within that color scheme if possible. And that’s ok, I can work with that.

My recommendation for spicing up a Valentine’s outfit would be this: if you’re going to wear a dress in one or more of the traditional colors, pick a wild clutch to make the whole thing a little less sweet. Unless, you know, sweet is your thing. If not, the Jessica McClintock Patterned Sequin Clutch is a good bet. (more…)

Not too long ago I wrote about the Jessica McClintock Ring Handle Frame Clutch. Just as that clutch was a great option for several different occasions, so is this one. The Jessica McClintock Rosette Pleated Clutch is a fabulous clutch that I would be absolutely thrilled to carry. It is a wonderful handbag that will work with a great pair of jeans, pumps and a frilly top as it would with the right dress. (more…)

Jessica McClintock Ring Handle Frame ClutchIs it prom season yet? I don’t know about you, but when I think Jessica McClintock, I think prom season. If you feel differently, don’t hold it against me. I came from an area where you didn’t hear you loved to hear the name Jessica McClintock because you were bound to find the gorgeous, sparkly, form fitting prom dress of your dream. And while I would check out her local store, I never realized until I started working at Purse Blog that “she” actually designed handbags of her own. (more…)

Jessica McClintock Rosette Kisslock Clutch

Roses are red, violets are blue, I am not too fond of this clutch, how about you?

This kind of floral theme is popping up everywhere. Last week I talked about the J. Crew Soiree Clutch and just today I discussed the Mary Norton Chiffon Rose Clutch. And just like many handbags out there, some work and some don’t work. I don’t think the Jessica McClintock Rosette Kisslock Frame Clutch is working for me. Several rosettes all over the small clutch do nothing but make it look too busy. In fact, the more I look at it, the more it seems like the bag was made quickly and without much thought. The one thing that is right, the price. Buy through Nordstrom for $58.

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