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Jessica Kagan Cushman Mini Tote

I’m not bringing you the Jessica Kagan Cushman Mini Tote today because I want to talk about the bag. It’s a black canvas tote – nothing to discuss there. What I’d really like to talk about is what the tote says – “Black is the new black.”

It’s particularly fortuitous that Kagan Cushman chose this season to release this bag, because the saying on the front is proving to be completely true, if the new collections by Gucci and Alexander McQueen are any indication. I look at them and all I see is black, black, black. We’ve mentioned the trend of Big Black Bags (BBBs) for fall several times in the past month, and now that the actual bags are starting to trickle in, it looks like the look is going to be even bigger than we ever imagined. Black bags are sleek, tough, and stay in style forever, so this may be one trend worth buying in to. Buy through ShopBop for $35.

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