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Oh, now isn’t this just darling. The Jas MB Rucksack Flap Messenger Bag is the most adorable backpack that we’ve ever seen – that can actually be used as a backpack that is. Which begs the question – why do they call this a messenger bag? It doesn’t appear to have any messenger strap, but it does have two very permanent backpack straps.

Jas MB Rucksack Flap Messenger Bag

No matter why they call it what they do, I much prefer it how it is. I could absolutely see some hipster college student wearing something like this. You know the type – a girl with skinny jeans and straight bangs and Wayfarers in a fun color. This would be the perfect school bag for a girl like that, and there are so very many girls like out there that you’ve got to wonder why more designers don’t target them. In a perfect world, I’d love to see what a brand like Marc by Marc Jacobs would do with a similar style. Buy through Barneys for $565.

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