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An H is a great letter to have as a logo; it seems to have worked out just swimmingly for Hermes, after all! But two just-launched handbag lines are also trying to appropriate it for use as a brand symbol, and their approach is perhaps a bit too similar.

The Halston Heritage Metallic Cotton Tote actually uses a double H, as the brand’s name would indicate, and the Hunter Saratoga Metallic Tote just uses one. They’re both big, metallic everyday bags that use an H as their prominent feature, though, and I can’t say I’m in love with either of them. Which do you prefer, and should one or both of the brands be trying a little harder to think of a better logo for their bags?

Buy the Halston Heritage tote through Net-a-Porter for $225.
Buy the Hunter tote through Neiman Marcus for $395.

I tend to have a soft spot for bags that are ever-so-slightly on the wrong side of the fabulous/tacky divide, so when I see something like the Halston Heritage Carla Studded Flap Bag, I have to check myself for a moment. Is this bag actually cool, or is that my bad taste talking?

Despite the simultaneous presence of both sequins and studs, two trends that are about to find themselves visited by that old-fashioned giant hook that yanks people off stage, I think that the color palette and various textures might work together to make this bag a winner. At least on a certain level. (more…)

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Before we get into the details of this review, let’s deal with the obvious: the Halston Heritage Brandy Satchel is shaped an awful lot like the Louis Vuitton Mahina Bags. With how popular Mahina has been for LV, it’s certainly no surprise that other designers have adopted the shape for themselves in hopes of scooping up customers who may not want to spend three grand on a handbag.

For those customers, this bag is certainly a stylish option, and the overall aesthetic has been tweaked enough that it doesn’t appear to be an outright Vuitton ripoff. In fact, the tactile, slightly sparkly sueded finish to the leather reminds me a lot of the Balenciaga/Neiman Marcus anniversary bags. (more…)

I first noticed the Halston Heritage Evening Frame Sequin Clutch back when I was trying to pick my perfect Valentine’s Day outfit for PurseBlog, and ever since, I can barely take my eyes off of it. At first glance, I thought it was just a regular box clutch, but there’s something about it that keeps me coming back for more. (more…)

Perhaps you’ve seen gorgeous drapey dresses in silk and jersey lately at high-end department stores, and, upon closer inspection, you find them to be Halston Heritage. Halston basically keeps coming back, spearheaded by different groups of people who just want to make a rebirth of the brand work. The dresses work. And while I’m a fan of most things flower child, bohemian, and slightly strange, I fail to see how this Halston Heritage Tie Dye Sac Bag fits in with the rest of the new collection. (more…)

This bag is certainly not one you see everyday. There is something unique and noteworthy about the Halston Heritage Night Suede Shoulder Bag.

Clearly, you have to be the kind of person who likes small shoulder bags. My concern with small shoulder bags like this is that with the wrong outfit or on the wrong body type, the bag gets lost and just seems completely awkward. However, with the bright citrus-orange suede, it will certainly be hard not to notice it. (more…)

Let’s get one thing straight: I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. That would require me to have any particular feelings about it at all, and to say that I do would be vastly overstating things. To me, V-Day is sort of like Cinco de Mayo. I always forget it’s going to happen, but when someone reminds me that it’s coming, it seems like as good a reason as any to have a few cocktails. And maybe a reason to eat a few enchiladas too, even though I’m aware that that’s only customary for one of those holidays. I just like enchiladas.

So when I got the email from Megs instructing me to pick a few V-Day things to write about, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do. When I think of Valentine’s Day with a significant other, the only thing that occurs to me is that I’m going to get a free meal at my favorite restaurant, which isn’t even romantic (really, it’s a fusion taco place, and no boyfriend has ever believed me when I said that I wanted to go there on V-Day. They all thought I was trying to trick them and then took me someplace expensive that I invariably didn’t enjoy as much as my taco place). (more…)

How many times have the people in the fashion Ivory Tower tried to make Halston happen again? A lot? This seems like at least the third time in recent memory. If I remember correctly, the Weinsteins own it now, and far be it from them to not try to cash in on something as much as humanly possible. It just wouldn’t be like them.

So now we have another Halston reboot, this time with Sarah Jessica Parker as the recently announced creative director, and they’re turning out some fairly affordable pieces for once. Of the available handbag choices, the Halston Heritage Sequin Folded Clutch reminded me the most of the halcyon days of Studio 54 that first made the brand iconic. (more…)


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