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So apparently, zipper trim is, like, a “thing.” Well, half zippers, anyway. I keep seeing it. It’s on a lot of Lockheart bags this season, I reviewed a Versace bag last week that had it, and I’ve seen it in a few other places that I can’t remember. It’s subtle, and you may not notice it immediately, but it’s in way more places than I originally thought. As a result, I’m dubbing it an official handbag “thing.” For example, take a look at the Glam Noir Leather Zip Clutch.

Glam Noir Leather Zip Clutch

More or less its only external visual interest is two parallel zipper halves on an asymmetrical top flap. Am I ok with that? Well, sort of. It’s not a terrible look, and it gives it a bit of an edge to what would be, otherwise, an edgeless black clutch. I like that it’s a tad industrial because I generally like it when everyday objects are used as design or art elements. The clutch is very reasonably priced at $95, but for the money, I think you could probably get something that looks more high-end. The leather on this particular bag looks a little plastic-y, and unexciting leather is a cardinal bag sin that I can rarely forgive. Buy through Luna Boston for $95.