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I know there might be some of you out there who might be interested in venturing out into the world of handbags a little more than you currently do. I know that is how I started. I wasn’t the kind of person who had tons of handbags while I was in high school or even college for that matter. Then, slowly but surely I started to expand my collection. I remember the first handbag where I thought to myself, “this is definitely different than what I am used to”. Well, it wasn’t a handbag, it was a wallet. So, when I found the Furla Red Croc Stamped Leather Continental Wallet I figured I would talk about it a bit and perhaps help some of you out there who are interested in venturing out to the amazing handbag world.

This wallet is fabulous. The red croc stamped leather and silvertone hardware combination is so chic. As to be expected, the interior has 8 card slots, slip pocket, and expanding compartment with two-zip pouches. If you aren’t ready to do a little overhaul on your handbags, you can always start slowly with a wallet like this. Each time I look at it, I love the red color – it just pops. Help spice up your collection with this wallet and buy through Bluefly for $110.