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Anytime I travel I find myself staring at handbags and travel bags throughout the airport and on the plane. And each time I arrive at my final destination I think back and wonder why there aren’t better travel/carry on bags out there. For the most part, everything seems basic and boring. I have to say, I am a culprit as well. My handbag is always fabulous but my travel bags, well, not so much. I really could have used a bag like this Lauren Merkin Paige Croc-Embossed Duffel Bag when I was traveling over the weekend. (more…)

While the Northeast US gets pummeled by snow again, I imagine that several of you in that region are waiting for the thaw and some warm weather. When I used to live in that area, I loved the snow but around this time of the year, I’d begin to scheme with my friends about what weekend trips we would take when the weather warmed up.

Yet, each time I was getting ready to go on one of these little weekend trips, I’d run into the same problem. I didn’t have a duffle bag that was sufficient. I either had a beach tote or one of my larger suitcases. Each time I’d make due, but the next trip would pop up and I would be mad at myself all over again. So, perhaps it is time to plan ahead and find a fun duffle bag for weekend getaways. (more…)

Alexander Wang has been coming out with some great handbags lately. Not only have we covered these bags here on Purse Blog Savvy but also over on Bag That Style. Celebs seem to love Alexander Wang as much as some of us do. However, I must admit, his bags are either completely amazing or completely awful. While I am usually able to make a snap decision when it comes to this bran, I can’t decide if I like this bag or not. (more…)

I am so used to thinking “clutch” when I come across a Lauren Merkin handbag that I could hardly believe this bag was a Lauren Merkin. But once I got passed my initial shock, I decided the bag was worth a real look. My first thought was, I really wish there was a different background. The color of the bag and background are so similar that it is a little distracting. (more…)

Since it’s summer and the best thing to do is go on little weekend vacations, what better thing to review than a weekend duffel? I have to say, though, this See by Chloe Dance of Die Bag is not for everyone. I like it, because I’m a big fan of canvas and dancer styles, and I prefer duffels to totes for weekend jaunts. Also, this mint duffel reminds me a lot of the little pink duffel that I used to take to ballet class. Yes, my old duffel was pink and plastic, but both have the same unique small barrel shape, and canvas is a lot more forgiving than plastic.

See by Chloe Dance or Die Bag

What better bag to throw in the trunk (or take to dance class)? And unlike a tote, you don’t have to worry about it staying upright. Plus, it has a kind of rustic sensibility that appeals to me. It’s bags like these that remind us that designers don’t have to make everything out of lambskin or patent leather, but sometimes design something simpler and a bit more usable-what a relief. Buy through Shopbop for $247.50 on sale.