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Once you’ve formed an opinion about a brand or designer, it can be incredibly hard to shake. To me, Dooney & Bourke will always bring about mental images of sickeningly sweet pink bags that some of my high school classmates carried; that was my first impression, and first impressions have a reputation of importance for a reason.

As a result, every time I see something like the Dooney & Bourke Grommet Drawstring Shopper, I’m a bit taken aback. Not only is this bag attractive and functional, but it’s reasonably priced and totally appropriate for a grown woman. And the leather? The leather looks amazing. Why can’t brands that make more expensive bags use leather that looks this nice? (more…)

It’s easy to get distracted by the splashy, cotton-candy designs of some Dooney & Bourke bags. They’re the ones you see being carried by 14-year-olds in the mall, obvious branding covering every inch in various hyper-girly arrangements. My disdain for those types of bags can probably be easily sensed from my description of them, but I can understand why they’re popular.

And certainly, if the strong sales of those bags enables the brand to continue to make things like the Dooney & Bourke Florentine Vachetta Letter Carrier, I’m all for it. Obviously I don’t know which type of bag makes the brand more money, but I definitely wish that this part of their line got more attention. (more…)

While the Northeast US gets pummeled by snow again, I imagine that several of you in that region are waiting for the thaw and some warm weather. When I used to live in that area, I loved the snow but around this time of the year, I’d begin to scheme with my friends about what weekend trips we would take when the weather warmed up.

Yet, each time I was getting ready to go on one of these little weekend trips, I’d run into the same problem. I didn’t have a duffle bag that was sufficient. I either had a beach tote or one of my larger suitcases. Each time I’d make due, but the next trip would pop up and I would be mad at myself all over again. So, perhaps it is time to plan ahead and find a fun duffle bag for weekend getaways. (more…)

I have a large stable of straight, male friends as a result of my three collegiate years spent working evenings and weekends at Best Buy, and even though they’re always very polite and make sure to ask me how my job is going, it’s rare that they have specific inquiries for me about handbags. Which, I suppose, is as expected.

That’s why it caught me off guard when one of those guys asked me about a type of bag that he had seen over and over again while we were at dinner not long ago. His description was vague, but we eventually figured out that he was talking about bags like the Dooney & Bourke Kristen Animal Tote and its many doppelgangers. (more…)

Well isn’t this…special.

Sometimes I wonder if doing stuff like the Dooney & Bourke Pop Novelty Horizontal Tote dilutes Dooney & Bourke‘s brand and ultimately hurts them. I know that they sell a decent amount of this stuff, but if they left the saccharine tween nastiness to Juicy Couture and spent more energy (and marketing dollars) on bags like this one, perhaps they would be able to cultivate a more stylish audience for themselves (and also, probably one with more expendable income). So why, oh why, do they continue to do this? (more…)


Can’t make this stuff up, folks.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Dooney & Bourke chairman and co-founder Frederic Bourke has been sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Travel Act by bribing Azerbaijani oil officials.

Who knew that being rich from selling mid-range handbags could eventually get you in so much trouble with your money? And wouldn’t it have been more fun to be arrested for, I don’t know, buying a bunch of drugs and expensive call girls like the rest of the rich people in this country? (more…)

As often as we try and scour the internet and department store universe to find the best and most unique handbags out there, I really like when I come across a bag that is simple, streamlined and well executed. I know there will be plenty of you who think this bag is far too boring, but sometimes it is nice to have a bag that does its job, looks great and doesn’t send your bank account into a downward spiral. (more…)

Dooney & Bourge Nylon Erica SacEven though the rain in these parts has ended for now, bags to carry during bad weather are still on my mind. I usually avoid going out as much as I can in the rain (I have weather-sensitive hair), but sometimes it’s unavoidable, particularly for those that live in urban areas and can’t get everywhere from the climate-controlled comfort of their cars.

As far as finding a bag that’s pretty straightforward and water-friendly, I think that the Dooney & Bourke Nylon Erica Sac is a strong contender. The color is bright and cheery to add a pop of color on a grey, rainy day and the nylon material is likely to survive inclement conditions better than a similarly colored leather would. It’s not a breakthrough as far as design goes, but it’s functional and would save your bags from bad-weather ruin and everyone needs something like that in their closet. Buy through Nordstrom for $130.