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After Rachel Zoe confirmed her pregnancy, the fashion world began to buzz about her stylish baby on board. While many speculated if she would have a boy or girl and what her baby would be spotted wearing, I was busy wondering what diaper bag Rachel Zoe planned to carry.

Luckily, Rachel Zoe shared with us that she is going bananas for her Alexander McQueen diaper bag. (more…)

I’ve been on a casual search for the perfect baby bag for the past few months, despite the fact that I don’t have any babies and I don’t anticipate having any for quite a while (and possibly ever). I’m not sure why this particular segment of the market has me so curious, except for the fact that it seems like it has only recently been recognized by many designers.

After dozens of baby bags and enough paisley print to make me a little swimmy in the head, I finally found a diaper bag that speaks to me. No surprises here: the all-black Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Eliz-a-Baby Nylon Bag is what I’d reach for if I found myself in a family way. (more…)

I am the oldest of four kids. And for whatever reason, I remember just about every stroller and diaper bag my mom had. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those things. One thing that I continue to see is a lack of really nice diaper bags out there. You get either the basic diaper bag with few styles and colors to choose from or you get something that is super expensive. Although I am not in the market for a diaper bag, I had to stop and applaud when I saw this one.

Juicy Couture Juicy Baby Tote

The Juicy Couture Juicy Baby Tote is an excellent example of a fashionable diaper bag at a reasonable price. For a bag that holds items that are bound to spill, possibly smell and most likely stain, I don’t see the point in dropping serious bucks. Personally, I’d rather save my pennies for something like the Bottega Veneta Python Fold Over Clutch (if I ever have serious pennies to drop). But this terry tote has double shoulder straps, leather trim and base, goldtone hardware, plenty of pockets, and the other diaper bag must haves. Buy through Bloomingdales for $298.

Chaiken Diaper Bag
Chaiken Diaper Bag

It has felt like eons since I have discussed a diaper bag on Purse Blog. Reason being, I do not have a baby, I am not nannying, and it is out of sight out of mind. But while browsing Saks I ran into what seemed a really cool diaper bag. Nothing overly amazing, nothing too designer oriented so as to loose the usability a diaper bag needs. The Chaiken Diaper Bag is spacious and does not scream out “I am a diaper bag!” like so many others do. The bag is designed with soft glazed lambskin and is available in the perfect array of colors; camel to be neutral, navy for a boy, plum for a girl (if you want to follow tan is neutral, blue is for boy, pink is for girl trend). The bag also sports a bottom zip compartment, which will come in handle, and cotton lining which is easy to clean. The inside features ample compartments and separators to keep the diapers from the cream from the wipes. There is that tiny bit of rugged feel, like a Chloe bag, but it is still subdued. Dimensions are 12″H X 18″W X 6½”D. Buy through Saks for $550.