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In rather hectic fashion, Shannon and I made our way to New York last Monday for the unique chance to meet and greet the Chief Operating Officer of Louis Vuitton North America, Mr. Daniel Lalonde. When we received the invitation last week whilst being on vacation, there was no real hesitation before realizing that we had to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

The Location

Louis Vuitton Corporate Showroom NYC

Shannon and I had high hopes that the event was going to take place in the flagship store on 5th Avenue, in our fantasies we had envisioned Vuitton clearing a whole floor off eager shoppers and letting the event attendees roam the palace freely.

The disappointment was only faint when a kind SA in the store pointed us to the adjacent building down 57th Street, where part of Louis Vuitton N.A.’s corporate headquarters are located. To my pleasant surprise, the showroom was presenting beautiful pieces of LV’s fall collection, some of which I captured on camera. (more…)

Daniel LaLonde Louis Vuitton Tomorrow Vlad and Shannon will be attending an intimate cocktail hour hosted by Daniel LaLonde of Louis Vuitton for online publishers. Louis Vuitton is slowly making its way into the online world of publishers and social media (last week Louis Vuitton announced that it is officially on Twitter). We are extremely honored to be invited to this event as we have been longtime followers and fans of Louis Vuitton.

Vlad was granted photography access as well, which means exclusive photos for all of you! While photos are an intricate look into this gathering, questions directly asked to the CEO would share even more information on the much-loved Louis Vuitton. We can make no promises, but what if we were able to ask the CEO of Louis Vuitton some questions? If we are lucky we may snag a few minutes of Daniel LaLonde’s time and if we like your questions, we may put them on our list!

If you could ask Daniel Lalonde, the CEO of Louis Vuitton North America, anything what would it be?

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