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Sezane Tiger Crossbody Bag 1

I feel like there is a good chance the handbag Gods are reaching out to me in a very strong way today. You see, today, every single bag that has caught my eye thus far is a crossbody bag. Granted the sizes of these bags are all different, but crossbody bags they are.

As I’ve said multiple times during this seasons crossbody craze, I don’t have one. I know I should and I know I want one, but I just haven’t taken the plunge. While crossbody bags are all the rage, I think I need a bigger crossbody rather than a mini like this Cole Haan bag. Yes, that is a personal preference and it’s too bad, because this one is actually relatively cute. (more…)

Honestly, I find myself forgetting about some handbag lines from time to time. DKNY is one of them. I guess I think of the “big brands” more often. But, I do promise I’ll try to do better. And if DKNY continues to churn out bags like this one, I would most likely be inclined to remember a bit easier.

Sure, there really isn’t anything *that* special going on with the DKNY Chain Double Flap Crossbody Bag, however, there is something about it that I really like. Come to think of it, it has been a while since I’ve found myself not really being able to put my finger on why I like a given bag so much. I welcome the challenge. (more…)

I’m not too familiar with Olivia Harris, but from the looks of her selection on Bloomingdales.com, I really should be. We’ve covered the designer here on PurseBlog Savvy before, but the Olivia Harris Studded Lambskin Crossbody Bag deserves its own post. (more…)

This is awesome. Ok, well this bag is awesome for several reasons, but one of them has to do with the name of the bag. As all of you handbag lovers out there know, many designers use people’s names in the names of certain handbags. Designers we’ve talked to say they draw inspiration from people with those names as well as the sheer thought of what someone with a given name embodies.

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jacobs about his inspiration behind this particular creation of his, but I have to say, Kelsey is a perfect name. You have to understand, I say this because I have a friend named Kelsey and frankly, this bag is sooooooo her! (more…)

Wow! Now THIS is an edgy bag that I can wrap my mind around. Ok, I am about to state the obvious, but hear me out for a second. A little while ago I was kind of over Foley + Corinna bags. They all seemed to be the same just available in different colors or slightly different sizes. Anyone else with me on that?

So, today, I started looking around at what Bloomingdale’s has available. Per usual, I found myself going from item to item, giving a mental thumbs up or thumbs down and continuing on. As I ventured back to the handbag section I saw a lot of what I’ve seen before. That was until I came across this beauty. (more…)

While I don’t consider this bag to be a hobo, I do like it. Botkier is known for infusing various elements in order to put together an ingenious design. Ok, so the design here itself isn’t something that you’ve never seen before, but the detailing involved helps this bag stand out. The combination of the snake-embossed leather and gathering details along the front of the bag are the two aspects that caught my attention. (more…)

I have to say, this is the first time I’ve seen a crossbody bag from Treesje. I found this a little odd when I came across this bag and tried to figure out if perhaps I simply overlooked other crossbody bags. While there are Treesje bags with detachable shoulder straps, this really is the first smaller crossbody bag I’ve seen. And you know what? I like what I see. (more…)

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