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Charles David Liquid Patent Horizontal SatchelThe Charles David Liquid Patent Horizontal Satchel is another one of those darn “tobos,” as the Marc by Marc Jacobs folks call them. For the uninitiated, a tobo is a bag that looks like it’s a hobo but has two straps like a tote, thus the adorable hybrid terminology. And what do we think about these tobos? I tend to like them, and I think I like the one we have pictured here, although I have one question about it. When did we decide that patent leather is a spring material? Because I kind of feel like it isn’t. I like this bag, and the color is so sunny, but I think that the thickness and rigidity of it make it more appropriate for cooler weather. Spring makes me want something slouchy, lightweight and soft, and all of those characteristics are the opposite of what a patent leather bag is. So color me confused. But despite its seasonal inappropriateness, I think this bag is a great deal – it’s big, the shape is great, and I’m a huge proponent of patent leather…during the correct season, that is. Buy through Nordstrom for $250.