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Celebs kept it surprisingly covered up and professional this summer (marvel at how many of these celebs are wearing blazers or leather jackets), so much so that I sort of longed for the rampant daisy …

I’ve had a serious girl-crush on Reese Witherspoon since I first watched Cruel Intentions. I fell in love with her and Ryan Phillippe in that movie and loved that they were a couple and …

We’re sure to bring out the haters with this news, but hey, it’s Friday! (more…)

Name that Bag

This week on Bag that Style we had a great array of celebrities with their handbags. But we were stumped on a few designs, so maybe you can help us out!

We ID’d most of Vanessa Hudgens outfit, EXCEPT for her bag [link]

We don’t have a good look at it, but does anyone know AnnaLynne’s bag? [link]

Kim Kardashian sported a great black clutch, but we are stumped on who made it [link]

Kate Hudson carries a purse that think is on the tip of our tongues, but we just don’t know [link]