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For spring, Chanel tends toward neutrals and classics, with tons of tech cases and chain wallets

The collection includes over two dozen new Wallets on Chain, some of which are exotic

You can find these pieces in stores now

The beloved indie brand has broken into the accessories game with a line of four wallets and card cases

We continue our look at Chanel’s Ancient Greece-inspired leather goods

To me, a wallet is a nearly perfect gift. They come in a million shapes and sizes, chic ones can be had at nearly any price point, and most people don’t think about buying them …

In order to be a consumer of luxury goods, or even to be seriously interested in them, one has to be a tad permissive on pricing. We tell ourselves a lot of little fibs about why a particular bag is worth a particular amount of money when, in reality, accessories are a realm in which prices often have little to do with the cost of a bag’s manufacturing and materials. To a certain extent, that’s a bargain that we’ve all accepted, but most people have some sort of arbitrary, self-imposed price threshold where a piece goes from “prohibitively expensive” to “offensive.”

For me, the Valextra Crocodile Credit Card Holder crosses that threshold. While Valextra is a brand whose craftsmanship and exquisite materials often do warrant higher prices than its competitors, over $3,000 for something which cannot even be accurately called a wallet is beyond the pale, and I feel comfortable saying that there’s almost no chance that the time, effort and crocodile skin that went into this piece could be worth anywhere near what Valextra is charging, no matter how beautiful it might be. (And it is quite beautiful.) What say you? Take our poll, but first take a look at the larger photo after the jump. You want to be accurately informed when you vote, after all.

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After many years of carrying many different bags, I have a routine of what I transfer from bag to bag. My wallet, a pouch, and a card case among other tidbits. Card cases are an easy way to make a fun and funky purchase. I have a fuchsia pink croc case that I adore but I’m always looking for other options. Be&D has both a tiger and leopard studded card case, both of which are the perfect way to add a little accessory zing. (more…)