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So, for those of you avid Purse Blog readers, you have already read about the Net-A-Porter Summer Clearance Sale that is going on (thanks Megs). Originally, selected items were being offered at a 20% discounted price. However, lucky for us, there is now an additional promotion going on. When checking out through Net-A-Porter, enter the special promotion code “Summer” and receive an additional 20% off of selected items. Let’s be honest here, no matter how much extra cash you have to drop when out shopping, it is always nice to get a killer handbag, dress, or pair of shoes… ON SALE! To expand just a bit more, I have to say I hate when huge Sales are announced and then I arrive and see nothing but out-dated or flawed merchandise. Fortunately, this is not the case through the Net-A-Porter Sale. Check out the many deals they are offering not only for handbags but also clothing, shoes and accessories. In order to tempt you just a bit, take a look at some of the amazing deals below:

I have something I’d like to share. One day, I promise all of you reading I will own a Jimmy Choo handbag. That’s right, I yearn to add a Jimmy Choo handbag to my collection. Sure, it might be the name, but I’m ok with that. At the same time there is no denying the fabulous attention to detail, amazing material and eclectic variety of shapes. Maybe the Jimmy Choo Alex Leather bag will be my first? Originally sold for $2,175, you can now buy it at 30% off for $1,522. (more…)

bottega veneta ruched shoulder bag
Bottega Veneta Ruched Shoulder Bag

Today is a very late start after a morning filled with appointments. I went on my way to the appointments and everything was the exact same as usual, except one added little touch. Only valet parking at the Doctor’s office. It seems like a simple difference, well because it is, but it added that slight bit of extra luxury. Parking at this one Doctor’s office was like finding a specific shell in the ocean. Spaces were limited and beyond small and everyone was hunting people down in the lot. Believe it or not there is literally no where else to park. Nada, zip, zilch. So this added perk really made my day. And this is the precise thing Bottega Veneta has done with their Bottega Veneta Ruched Shoulder Bag which is updated with a slightly gathered middle. Everything else is the exact same as the iconic Bottega Veneta Veneta Bag; simple design, classic shape, buttery soft leather. But the middle ruching adds the perfect pizazz. There is something about this added dimension, on top of the woven leather, that really makes the bag stand out. The midnight blue leather is a stunning option for fall and winter, but easily works for summer (think of it like blue jeans, seasonless for the most part). The inside is lined with taupe suede and there is a zip top. Simple and elegant, just like Bottega Veneta likes it! Buy through Net A Porter for $1,950.