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Isn’t Venice sinking? Don’t I keep hearing about that? I feel like I’ve been hearing about it since I was old enough to know what Venice was, so maybe they’re just crying wolf at this point. Either way, Botkier definitely isn’t sinking with the Venice Satchel (Har har, yes, I know, bad segue. Gimme a break, I just got back from vacation last night). It’s made of soft-n-wonderful Italian lambskin, sports both double satchel straps and an optional shoulder strap (as always, the best option with optional straps is to remove them), and has about as many zippers as anyone could ever want.

Botkier Venice Satchel

My mom, who takes the attitude of “the more zippers, the better” will certainly be excited that this has shown up, and I can’t blame here. It looks entirely functional, like you could absolutely carry it every day, while still being stylish and and having people ask you about it. The straps and zippers allow the bag to border on the industrial without being over the top, meaning it can be worn by a large variety of people, instead of just those that embrace a very specific look. Good job, Botkier – I’d love to see more like this. Buy through Saks for $595.