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Botkier Trigger Moto Clutch I’ve been decidedly “meh” on the whole tiny-bag-long-strap trend, as some of you may have noticed. I questioned the wisdom of that kind of proportion on an average-size woman, I wondered whether it would do weird things to my chest if worn across my body, and sometimes I’m just cautious of trends in general. After all, a healthy dose of logic is often required in the face of new fads. The Botkier Trigger Moto Clutch may be starting to sway my feelings, though. This particular photo doesn’t show it, but it comes with a long, black leather strap that can be used optionally if you’d rather have it as a hand-held. There’s a certain amount of wisdom to having a shoulder strap when going out at night, and I’m slowly beginning to tire of having a clutch constantly in my hands, particularly when it comes time to dance. It would be useful for everyday, too – you don’t need much when you go shopping, and it’d keep your hands free for carrying bags or clothes that you haven’t yet tried on. Not that I should be encouraged to shop more…But yes, anyway, I’ll admit the trend might deserve a bit of a look after all, and you have Botkier to thank for that. Buy through ShopBop for $395.