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Do any of you remember when “trolls” were all the rage? I would guess this was about 15 years ago or so, but needless to say, almost every girl I knew had their own troll collection. Trolls are little plastic dolls with bright fluffy hair and a gem for a belly button. Megs and I had our fair share of trolls and every time we would get a new one, we would focus on the color of the gem. So, it should come as no surprise that I had to write about the Botkier Gemma Tab Flap Hobo when I saw it. The jewel/gem-like hardware instantly caught my eye and as soon as I saw it, the first thing that came to my mind… TROLLS! But enough about trolls, let’s discuss the bag a bit. I truly like the shape of the hobo, but I am not so sure about the color of the bag. I realize Botkier is going for a modern look here, I’m just not sure if it is too modern for me. Actually, I have a soft clutch in the same gunmetal color which I completely adore, but I think that really works for me because it is smaller than this hobo. Like I said, I do like the shape of the hobo and the leather is sure to feel as smooth as it looks. I am a huge fan of magnetic tab closures and this hobo sports one. I am not exactly sure why I like the magnetic closures so much, but if a handbag I am interested in has one, the chance of me buying it definitely increase! All in all, it is a well thought-out hobo, but because of the color I’m still on the fence. Buy through Nordstrom for $675.