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My current obsession is the hot pink Botkier Venice Hobo. Not only is it designed with supple lambskin, but it also rocks a pop of hot pink color. The Ad campaign photo is one of my favorites, simple yet striking.

Read the entire review of the Botkier Venice Hobo at PurseBlog Savvy

Spring is around the corner and we have a sneak peak at the Botkier Spring 2010 collection! In October we sat down with Monica to see what was in store for us from Botkier. On top of that, we were finalizing our amazing PurseBlog + Botkier Limited Edition Handbag.

Monica shares her a couple of her favorite bags from her Spring 2010 line. Our personal favorite from the Spring collection is the the Howard Street Bag, which comes in a great luscious pink or a blue multi-colored embossed python version.

At the end of the video, Monica talks a bit about our collaboration together. We are thrilled to be working with Botkier and know there will be many more partnerships in the future!

Make sure to vote for Phase II of the PurseBlog + Botkier Limited Edition Handbag.

After thousands of you voted in Phase I of our PurseBlog and Botkier Exclusive, it is time we move on to Phase II. The shape/color/hardware options voted on the most from the first round were the popular Sasha Duffle (as seen on Angelina Jolie and other celebs), Distressed Grey, and Gunmetal hardware. To make the PurseBlog + Botkier Limited Edition Handbag even more refined, Botkier has mocked up four potential finished designs with the specs above. The goal was to design a one of a kind bag for this collaboration.

Our exclusive version of the Sasha will be made with luxurious distressed grey Italian washed lambskin with gunmetal hardware. Additional details include custom square rings and buckles, one front pocket, two top handle straps with whip-stitch detail, and a removable top handle strap that converts from a hobo to a satchel. (more…)

PurseBlog and Botkier

We have been working on this collaboration for months are are happy to finally be bringing you news of it. PurseBlog is teaming up with Botkier to design an exclusive PurseBlog and Botkier handbag. This handbag will be created by all of you, having choices for the silhouette, leather, and hardware. After this initial round of voting, Botkier will mock up a couple of options for the next stage. Once that is completed, Botkier will be making and selling the PurseBlog + Botkier Limited Edition Handbag on their website.

The first stage is voting on the initial categories. Monica Botkier and her team have picked out four styles, leathers, and hardware options for you all to vote on. Some of the styles are not in production right now and the leathers are exclusive for PurseBlog, none have been used before. This will truly be a one of a kind design when it is complete! (more…)

Studded HandbagsInfuse a little rock glam into your look with a studded clutch handbag. This trend combines black leather of various textures with stud details for added embellishment with an edge. We are loving the various applications of chrome and even black on black studs.The “Moto” clutch from Botkier resembles a mini biker jacket translated into a clutch with its zippers, studs and flyaway tasseled zipper pulls. The Kettle peace clutch sends a summer of love vibe with a peace sign onto an envelope design with zipper closure.

Taking studs to the max, Sonia Rykiel covers one entire side of her clutch with circular studs and tops it off with a tassel zipper pull. The Burberry studded plates clutch is a bit more subtle with an elongated zip clutch touting black on black studs for a more subtle translation of this handbag trend. The Treesje London clutch combines shiny patent leather and touts a cool graphic edge with randomly placed round flat studs. Pair any of these studded clutches with a pair of destroyed skinny jeans, loose oversized tee and cage sandals for cutting edge look. Or to dress up your evening look, a LBD would complement a black leather studded clutch as well.

Shown here from top left clockwise:
Botkier Moto Clutch, $395 at Zappos.
Kettle Black Studded Peace Clutch, $136.50 Sale at ShopBop.
Sonia Rykiel Studded Leather Clutch, $400 at Net-a-Porter.
Burberry Women’s Studded Plates Leather Clutch, $556.50 at Bloomingdales.
Treesje London Clutch in Black Patent, $106 at Revolve Clothing.

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Botkier Venice Satchel

Hobo or Satchel: Which style do you prefer? That ultimately depends on how you like to wear your handbags. Many of you loved the Botkier Venice Hobo, as did the entire PurseBlog team, and now we will bring you information on the fraternal sister of the the bag. The Botkier Venice Satchel’s design contains every aspect of the hobo that we found so edgy and cool: the exposed zips, tassels and smooshy leather. The satchel comes with an optional shoulder strap. I am more of a hobo girl, give me my bag and let me sling it over my shoulder, but I have a soft spot for satchels with shoulder straps. Still throwing it over my shoulder and still loving the look. The colors of Botkier bag I love most and this satchel is available in caramel or sunshine yellow. Now I ask you; hobo or satchel in the Botkier Venice bag? Buy through Nordstrom for $595.

Botkier Venice Hobo Botkier bags have been a longtime favorite of the Purse Blog team. There is a category for them on Purse Blog savvy which they so deserve but I still want to talk about them on Purse Blog sometimes as well. Amanda already covered the Botkier Venice Hobo on PB Savvy and now I am here on Purse Blog to share my love of this bag with you as well.

Let the lusting begin. The Botkier Venice Hobo is designed with smooth supple leather. The leather from Botkier is amazing, this I can attest to. Ample front zippers and tassels add an extra dimension that looks super chic. The hobo will fit perfectly under your arm and not rub right under your arm with the 9″ drop. All sorts of pockets are on the inside for storage as well, a zip and three open pockets. And this hobo is extra roomy, dimensions are 16″W X 13″H X 2½”D. I love this bag. A yellow version for $595 at Nordstrom is available (they have a magnificent yellow hue) or opt for black or caramel (which is my pick) at Saks for $595.

Isn’t Venice sinking? Don’t I keep hearing about that? I feel like I’ve been hearing about it since I was old enough to know what Venice was, so maybe they’re just crying wolf at this point. Either way, Botkier definitely isn’t sinking with the Venice Satchel (Har har, yes, I know, bad segue. Gimme a break, I just got back from vacation last night). It’s made of soft-n-wonderful Italian lambskin, sports both double satchel straps and an optional shoulder strap (as always, the best option with optional straps is to remove them), and has about as many zippers as anyone could ever want.

Botkier Venice Satchel

My mom, who takes the attitude of “the more zippers, the better” will certainly be excited that this has shown up, and I can’t blame here. It looks entirely functional, like you could absolutely carry it every day, while still being stylish and and having people ask you about it. The straps and zippers allow the bag to border on the industrial without being over the top, meaning it can be worn by a large variety of people, instead of just those that embrace a very specific look. Good job, Botkier – I’d love to see more like this. Buy through Saks for $595.

Botkier Trigger Moto Clutch I’ve been decidedly “meh” on the whole tiny-bag-long-strap trend, as some of you may have noticed. I questioned the wisdom of that kind of proportion on an average-size woman, I wondered whether it would do weird things to my chest if worn across my body, and sometimes I’m just cautious of trends in general. After all, a healthy dose of logic is often required in the face of new fads. The Botkier Trigger Moto Clutch may be starting to sway my feelings, though. This particular photo doesn’t show it, but it comes with a long, black leather strap that can be used optionally if you’d rather have it as a hand-held. There’s a certain amount of wisdom to having a shoulder strap when going out at night, and I’m slowly beginning to tire of having a clutch constantly in my hands, particularly when it comes time to dance. It would be useful for everyday, too – you don’t need much when you go shopping, and it’d keep your hands free for carrying bags or clothes that you haven’t yet tried on. Not that I should be encouraged to shop more…But yes, anyway, I’ll admit the trend might deserve a bit of a look after all, and you have Botkier to thank for that. Buy through ShopBop for $395.

Botkier Violet Runway HoboI like the Botkier Violet Runway Hobo, even though for some reason I feel like I shouldn’t. I’m not really sure why I feel that way, but it might be the brown strap with the metallic body of the bag. Surprisingly, despite my dual hatred for brown in general and bicolor bags in particular, I think it totally works. The small brown accents turn what could have been an enormous metallic monstrosity into a reasonable day bag by breaking it up a bit and providing a good counterpoint to the blingy nature of shiny metallic leather. I also think Botkier did a great job picking an appropriate shade of metallic for a large bag – gunmetal is the most versatile, most day-friendly metallic available, and it also goes with the greatest variety of colors and outfits. My only bit of trepidation is that this is a bit dark for a spring bag, but I know that many ladies out there aren’t as neutral-averse as I am. In fact, I’ve heard that some of you PREFER neutrals – who woulda thunk? Not I, says the girl with the purple handbag. At any rate, I think this is a real winner from a brand that’s been struggling to find its way for the past several seasons. Buy through Saks for $695.

Botkier ExclusiveFriday, oh glorious Friday. I pretty much love everything about Fridays. I love looking back and reflecting on the week, thinking about what I might do over the weekend and of course knowing that I will have some time to kick back and relax. And just because I say kick back and relax, I don’t mean that I just sit at home and watch tv (although, there are several weekends where that is beyond perfect). If I was in the NYC area this weekend, I know one thing I would most definitely attend would have to be the exclusive event being held at Henri Bendel. On Saturday, March 7th from 1pm – 4pm, not only can you shop for a new Botkier handbag, but you can also meet the fabulous Creative Director, Monica Botkier! That’s right, stop by the store between those hours, get your shopping fix while meeting an amazing designer. Doesn’t that sound like a great weekend activity? Head over to Botkier to get a head start on picking out which Botkier might be your next!


Now this is change I can believe in. I’ve had some questions about Monica Botkier’s sanity for a season or two, and I haven’t been sure exactly where she was trying to go with her brand. She had a big hit with the Bianca satchel that has been the brand’s signature for several seasons, and of course there was the wonderful Trigger bag before that, but I feel like she’s been looking for her next big hit for about a year. I’m not sure, but I think the James line may be the bags that Ms. Botkier needs to be putting her bets on. The line contains several bags, but because I’m me, my favorite is, naturally, the Botkier James Hobo. Because I love a hobo more than pretty much any other type of bag. And this one is great – soft-looking but still slightly shiny enough to be glam, understated pleats (two of which are really zipper pockets – and I love a zipper pocket), and a couple tassels without reminding anyone of, uh, the slightly more untoward uses of tassels. So I think it’s a winner, and just the type of back-to-basics bag that Botkier needs right about now. Buy through Nordstrom for $595.