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Today is a good day. Not only did Bluefly just add more inventory to their store, but they also added some really GREAT inventory.

We have several Rebecca Minkoff lovers that frequent our sites. And hey, who can blame them, Rebecca Minkoff designs are HOT! One of her more recognizable designs is the Nikki Hobo. We’ve seen several iterations of this design. All a little different yet all gorgeous. Today, we have yet another version of the Nikki, one that I like as well. (more…)

Do you remember a few years back where wristlets were all the rage? Well, maybe it was just during my college years and maybe said rage is still going strong. (Those of you in college, feel free to update me.) At this point, I am not really in the market for a wristlet, but I won’t shy away when I come across one.

Hype handbags, as new as you may be to them, almost always boast some lovely leather. It is great to see that no matter how large or small the bag, the quality of leather isn’t sacrificed. I’ve noticed some lesser-known handbag lines that seem to practically use leather swatches on their small bags in order to save a dime. Note to said designers, never compromise on quality, despite the size of the bag. (more…)

Oh no. oh no, no, no. Why did the Marc by Marc Jacobs team have to go ahead and make a bag like this? I began shaking my head when I first saw it and I haven’t stopped since. I am ok with the shape, but the color scheme is absolutely awful. With the wide variety of colors out there, why oh why did these have to be the colors used? As you can tell, this is not a bag that I am going to buy anytime soon, but let’s delve a little deeper. (more…)

This is exciting! Bluefly just picked up a new designer. A new designer that I have only heard a bit about, but I am so glad to see that he’s been picked up by a large site like Bluefly. I could only imagine the rush a designer must feel when an online retail store, or any large outlet like that picks up your line.

Well, in my own way I felt a sense of excitement to see this designer and several of his designs on Bluefly. The first bag that popped out at me was the Christopher Kon Jaime Large Hobo. (more…)

A few months back I covered the launch party of Zara Terez Handbags in LA. The event was amazing and so were all the bags. So, when I heard that Zara Terez handbags were going to be found in some of our favorite retail stores, like Bluefly, I was ecstatic.

Zara Terez handbags are on the cutting edge of trendy. Some may push the envelope a bit more than others, but there is definitely a time and a place for all of her bags. While this is true, I was so happy to see a bag that could be used daily and by so many different people with so many senses of style. (more…)

I’ve spoken previously about the painted eel bags from Gryson, and I still just can’t get over the burgundy color that they’ve used for several of them, including the Gryson Painted Eel Morgan Clutch.

I was unsure about the painted finish when I first wrote about the technique in black, but the lovely color variation of the painted burgundy has me entirely sold. This large, functional clutch would be great for day or night, and with a variety of colors, don’t you think? (more…)

You know, I’ve always secretly wanted to have an amazing, unbelievably amazing briefcase. This thought usually comes up when I pseudo dream of being some high powered executive perhaps working in a city like New York City.

You know how the movies portray things. Everyone walks fast, walks with a purpose, walks with power… oh and they all look fabulous. I was instantly reminded of this when I came across the Prada Ivory Saffiano Bi-Fold Zip Briefcase. (more…)

Treesje Marquis SatchelThe more I look at Treesje bags lately, the more I wonder why I don’t have one yet. I mean, I’ve got all kinds of stuff – expensive, cheap, and everywhere in between. I really need a Treesje. For my collection, the Treesje Marquis Satchel would fit in beautifully. (more…)

I am always looking for a tote that I can rough up a bit. Basically, I need a tote that I can throw anything in and go on a whims notice. This is the kind of bag that I might take to the park, shopping, to a book store, the beach or even the slopes. With all of this being said, I have to also mention that I want my tote still fun, fashionable and fabulous. (more…)

One of the most important rules of personal style is that simple doesn’t (and shouldn’t) mean boring. Not every item in a wardrobe can be turned up to 10, so to speak, but even the basics can be special in some way if items are chosen carefully.

It takes a good bit of patience to find the perfect simple pieces that still ooze personal style, but they exist and they’re worth the hunt. Often, they’re also the pieces that people compliment most often, because they’re the sort of pieces that take a really good eye and lots of attention to detail to find. Anyone can pick out a really obvious bag, but it takes an eye for accessories to notice a simple one like the Sobella San Marco Tote. (more…)

Ladies, I’d like to be the first to inform you of what I’d call a deal. It’s this Valentino Green Satin Bow Front Clutch, which is quite a steal at only $396. “That’s not a steal!,” you say. Ah, but it is, especially when you consider the whopping price tag of $895 on this Valentino Satin Bow Front Clutch.

Sure, the more expensive version is a lighter, brighter satin and involves a decidedly more rigid and complex, but I actually prefer this darker version. First of all, let’s chat about the color. I believe that the color of a bag is a main component of its foundation, and this color certainly passes. The dark, forest green is the perfect shade for the remaining weeks of autumn and will certainly carry you through the winter, spring and summer- believe me when I say this color is striking against a white prairie dress. (more…)

Treesje London Clutch

It is always great coming home. Living out in California is fabulous, but it is so refreshing to be back in Florida with the rest of the family for a couple weeks. This morning Megs came over to the house and she carried a gorgeous studded bag. Recently I’ve become a little bored with studs, but seeing a fabulously executed studded bag made me want to find others out there. (more…)

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