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Betseyville Cha Cha Cheetah Flap Shoulder Bag Hear me out on this one, folks. I know what a lot of you are thinking. You’re thinking “Holy crap, Amanda has fallen off the deep end and appears to be unable to claw her way back up.” And, in all fairness, you may be right. But I kind of love the Betseyville Cha Cha Cheetah Flap Shoulder Bag in all of its tacky glory. I’ve had a small obsession with animal print lately and just bought a pink-and-black leopard print linen scarf that, surprisingly, goes with pretty much everything I own. So take a risk, folks. Zappos shows it on a model, and it looks like it’d be the perfect size for going out, and you could probably tuck the chain strap in and carry it as a handheld. Plus, it’s super cheap compared to a lot of the bags we cover here, so why not? Even if you take it to a bar and accidentally sit it in a puddle of alcohol (not that I’ve ever done that…), it’s no huge loss. Put a little hot pink leopard print in your life. You know you secretly want to. It’ll go great with an otherwise-simple black dress that I know you have in your closet. Buy through Zappos for $64.80.