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When we discussed Badgley Mischka woven watersnake yesterday, I mentioned that Beirn makes a similar bag with a similar materiel. Lo and behold, what do I find on the OutNet today but three of the Beirn Jenna Woven Watersnake Totes in a cadre of primary colors. Normally these bags go for almost exactly the same price as yesterday’s tote, but because OutNet is a clearance site, you can bag all of them for around $200 each. For a big snakeskin tote, you’ll never be able to find a better price.

Buy through the OutNet for $203.

We’ve already raved about the qualities of Beirn’s unique and exotic medium: the watersnake. Am I going to do any different right now? To be brutally honest, no. However, I’m am here to make you aware of a different shape that’s available in Beirn’s watersnake.

It’s a classic tote, and Bluefly has it in a variety of colors, from this beautiful, pooly teal to hot pink and a light, leafy green. They’re easy and low maintenance bags to own, but they look like no other exotic out there (besides bearing a slight resemblance to snake, of course). (more…)

If you aren’t yet familiar with Beirn’s snakeskin bags, where have you been? The company has been producing affordable watersnake purses for several years now, and they’ve pretty much had the market cornered on exotics that won’t totally bust your budget.

During a recent trip to Neiman Marcus, I noticed that the brand had started making many of their most popular designs out of intricately woven snakeskin. For functionality’s sake, my favorite of the lot is the Beirn Jenna Woven Watersnake Tote. (more…)

Berin Watersnake Caroline BagOne thing that I don’t get to do very often on PurseBlog Savvy is write about exotic bags. Even though more and more bags are being made with exotic skins, particularly snakeskins, designers still usually price them above the thousand-dollar price ceiling to which we tend to adhere. I don’t think it’s necessarily as a result of the price of the raw materials – snakeskin is undoubtedly more expensive, but not THAT much more – but because of the consumer’s perception that exotics SHOULD cost a certain amount. Because it’s widely expected, designers don’t have much motivation to charge less.

But then there are companies like Biern and purses like their Watersnake Caroline Bag. They seem to have based their entire line on the idea that exotics don’t have to break the bank if done correctly, and based on the prices they’re charging and how quickly their bags sell out on BlueFly, they seem to be right. These bags aren’t rocket science – their designs are simple and functional, with flat handles and shapes made to hold plenty of stuff. But they are made of real watersnake, so anyone that’s always wanted an exotic bag and can’t justify dropping three stacks on one, here you go. Buy through BlueFly for $172.