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*Note: Saks had labeled this bag as the Dodstock, but it is actually the Woodstock*

Firstly, I must apologize for the extremely slow start to the week on PurseBlog. You woke up, checked PurseBlog, and saw no new posts. That is because when my alarm went off this morning I somehow convinced myself that it is Sunday so I could turn off my alarm and sleep as long as I wanted. It is nearly 11 am. That is bad. Part of the reason why I am so tired is because yesterday Vlad and I went horseback riding. It was pretty much our first time and nothing about horseback riding it like in the movies. It is hard, intense, and has me much sorer than I imagined. That is the story of why things are off to a slow start today.

And that is also the reason why I am reviewing the Be&D Woodstock Portfolio Messenger Bag. You see, yesterday I didn’t even think for a moment about what bag I would take horseback riding. I had been using my Rebecca Minkoff Matinee and popped that on my arm and took it out the door. I had to leave my bag in the car, obviously. But I imagined if I took a great/compact messenger bag I could have slung it over my body and taken it with me on the horse. (more…)