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Now that we’re back from Texas and fully re-adapted to frigid northeastern life, it’s time to get back into our normal routine. That means that I’ve recently spent some time poring over a couple of …

As regular PurseBlog readers know, I’m not what you would call a “fan” of perforated leather. Or perforated suede, as in the case of Ash Cami Crossbody Bag. But since the trend started to emerge a year ago, my feelings have softened a bit. They’ve gone from, say, “vehement loathing” to “passive disdain,” and perforated material is no longer a reason for me to dismiss an entire design. I wouldn’t say I’ve entirely warmed to the idea, but I’ve definitely thawed a bit.

A bag like this one is the kind of design that makes me reconsider my hatred. It’s a functional crossbody made of real suede with a nice, heavy chain detail priced under $200 – perforated or not, that’s a deal that’s hard to ignore. I only wish it came in brighter colors – purple? Cobalt? I’d buy them both. So for the right bag, is perforated leather or suede acceptable? Take our poll and check out a larger photo of Ash’s bag, after the jump. (more…)