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So, tell me this, are there not certain things that just remind you of your mother? I know there are probably many things that make you think of her: cooking, a certain dress, her perfume, how she laughs etc. Well, to me, one of my mom’s trademarks is how she carries her cash, ID and credit cards. As soon as I saw the Anya Hindmarch Twin Loose Pockets ‘Spending/Saving’ Pouch, I immediately thought of my mom. See, she has never been fond of traditional wallets, instead she sports a small, compact pouch of sorts – slightly larger than a change purse but smaller than a wallet.

Now, as wallets do, they get old, worn out and need to be replaced. The problem for my mom is that she can rarely find something cute to stand-in for a wallet. Finally, I think I may have found an answer! Don’t be fooled though, this pouch isn’t just suitable for a mom, it’s really suitable for anyone who wants to add a little flare to what they might carry in their handbag. It is a double-compartment flat pouch in metallic leather (leather comes in several different colors) and measures in at 5″H x 7.5″L. I love the detail added to the edges, zip closures and a favorite accent of mine – suede lining. And the great thing, this pouch could be really useful for just about anyone. You don’t need to replace your wallet, but hey, you never know, you might! Buy through Shop Bop for $250.