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Antik Batik Small Walnut HandbagThis is another one of those bags that’s a great way to satisfy current trends while still getting a great bag and not emptying your checking account. The Antik Batik Walnut Small Handbag has a few attributes that make me like it a bit better than some similar handbags that I’ve seen. First, instead of being brown or tan, it’s grey. Grey is an inherently sophisticated color and helps tone down the hippie look that this would have in a lot of other shades. Also, I adore the beading. It’s shimmery and beautiful without being too HEY LOOK AT ME I’M SHINY.

The sizes of the beads and paillettes vary a bit, but not so much that they look mismatched, and the shape of the beaded section matches well with the unstructured slouch of the bag. It’s small enough that it won’t be too heavy to wear cross-body (remember, folks – if you weigh down a cross-body bag, it will make your bosom look deformed), but the strap is also a reasonable length for the season’s new shoulder bag shape. I’m even ok with the fact that they used suede for the bag since I think the matte-ness of suede contrasts well with the shiny beading. Go forth and purchase, my children. Buy through ShopBop for $425.