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It is my personal fashionable/functional philosophy that every girl out there needs a card case to attach to their keys. I’ve been using them ever since I started college and there’s no way that I could ever go back to a life without one. Legally, it’s the best way to make sure you’ve got everything you need if you have to run out with only your keys and phone – your license and insurance cards are always with you, no matter what. I always know where my stuff is and don’t have to search through a series of wallets and bags to find it.

Kooba Key Pouch

Which is why I’m so pleased to find out that Kooba has gotten into the business of making these useful little things with the Kooba Key Pouch. And they haven’t over-thought it. It’s brightly colored so it’s easy to find in that black hole you I call a bag, it connects easily to your keys, and it’s not too bulky but will still hold a bunch of cards. You can’t really go wrong here at all, particularly since the price is so reasonable. Buy through Luna Boston for $75.