Today Vlad and I had a business lunch at Fred’s which is on the top floor of Barneys NY (their chicken soup is absolutely amazing, New York Mag was right in voting it the best in the City).

Anyhow, we wandered down to the bottom floor to check out Le Labo, a store that specializes in freshly handmade fragrances composed by some of the world’s best perfumers. I opted to buy a candle and decided my Chanel Classic Flap needed a photo op while our candle was getting customized.

You can never go wrong with a Chanel bag, isn’t that the truth?

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  • Amy

    Cool shot.


      It’s amazing .

      But I don’t want to have it. It’s too expensive.

      You want to buy the other chanel bag with discount price .

      Come here :

  • Le Labo is great, I have a friend who is a scent snob and he has insisted that I send him back some goodies once I move.

  • Decor Girl

    I was just telling my husband that Chanel is the best shoulder bag. They never fall down and are always stylish. Nice pic!

  • Janet

    is the bag in the picture a real bag?

  • Mai

    Nice shot! Which app are you using?

  • Wyllowdaemon

    Le Labo I am so jealous… I want to get one of their rose fragrances I love the sample I got from Lucky Scent with my order :D

  • The Little Dust Princess

    Love it!

  • gpc

    Le Labo Rose 31 is the bomb! I originally bought it for my husband some years ago and I have been wearing it every since!

  • annabelle

    love your chanel! love my chanel! i love ALL chanel <3 hahaha can never go wrong indeed! hahahaha

  • ninjaninja

    Now I have to check out Le Labo!

  • Ping

    Chanel always chic and love great combo:)

  • ingrid

    Megs! When did you get this Chanel? Is it a recent purchase?

  • Loly

    chanel and hermes bags are for me the only timeless bags in the world!

  • rashida

    The bag is gorgeous and so is the photography! And I would never believe that Megs would ever rock a knockoff!

  • Mandy

    Love the lambskin! :)

  • Joyce


  • mab

    From sunrise to sunset you won’t go wrong with this simple classy and elegant purse. Time immemorial.

  • serene

    didn’t know that you have a chanel flap! is it vintage?
    you should do post of your whole collection :)

  • Mochababe73

    Never heard of Le Labo. But if it’s a scent, I now know why. I don’t wear perfume.
    Love the picture. And, I don’t think that Megs would EVER carry a knock-off.

  • ChanelAngel

    Love your Chanel. We can never go wrong with our trusty Chanel bags.. makes any outfit sophisticated & elegant! :)

  • rose60610

    Chanel can always amp up any outfit.

  • Cathy Fitz

    The beauty of the Chanel goes without saying, but the photograph is fabulous too!


    Wonderful too.

    Here is a wonderful bag too:

  • lovechanelll

    love it! i am looking to buy my first chanel….does anyone what the current price of the small classic flap bag is?