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  • missarewa

    no doubt an expensive and lovely collection. please try to feature people with more everyday bags and lesser known designers. I’m ready for some freshness!

  • dela

    While I admire the taste and discipline required to amass such collections, everything about the featured Instagram celebrities feels generic and manufactured. None of them seem to have a singular sense of style. All these Instagrams overflow with the usual suspects–clic-clacs, Birkins, rockstuds, torn demins etc–in predictable combinations. These Instagrams read as fashion catalogs. Perhaps that’s the reason why they are able to garner so many followers.

    • guest

      I agree with your comment about sense of style. In several pictures I noted the actual clothes were sort of lackluster, indicate a focus on the accessories but the not the overall statement.

      • I see what you mean but some people don’t really like clothes (I’m not a fan of clothes).

      • Guest


  • FashionableLena

    Unlike a lot of handbag fanatics, I have always lusted after the Lindy and want one in pink. I would love to see some IGers that are not so brand specific. Someone with a diverse collection would be a nice change of pace.

  • T.U. A.

    While I find her collection amazing, I also feel like it’s too flashy. I’m not saying it’s bad. Everyone has his/her own taste.Maybe hers is just not for me. :P

  • Gia

    That’s a lot of boxes. If they were not orange…she’d be a hoarder !

  • Patsy

    Please feature someone with great style not just lots of money. Looking at this feature really hurts my eyes. If you want to feature someone who’s loaded/mid-range, check out bbagsforever or mamainheels on purseforum. They always posts their great collection of bags WITH great outfits. Money doesn’t always equal style.

    • Winn

      agreed! this persons collection is as tacky as can be at this price point. let’s celebrate some women (or men!) with taste over money

  • eyda

    i think if i were super rich i’d buy whatever brands there is that i like because i wouldnt have to worry so much on it being ‘investment’ pieces, such as the nina ricci marche. i love it but i cant seem to part my hard earned money for it knowing that i would get better value investing in say, chanel or celine. as others have said, the sheer volume of birkins, clic clac, etc seems very generic, stereotypical and boring. just my two cents

  • Ago Prime
  • I’m not mad at any of these women who can afford this lavish labels that we all look at. Rock on.

  • PJGambler

    The pictures look very commercial and professionally taken, like someone who owns a store filled with these lovely items. Hard to believe it is actually out of someone’s closet.

  • sara

    Love the Hermès Toolbox Bag with the scarf!