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This week we implemented our Snapshots features, in which we give you exclusive and original photos of designer handbags. While many of the bags we will shoot I own, many are also new designs sent to us by designers to review and shoot.

We want to hear from you. Which designers would you like to see featured in our Snapshot pieces? We will try to get a large variety of different designers, different bags, and always give you different shots. Last week we were hoping onto train tracks and walking on rocks at the beach, who knows what next week will bring!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Jennifer Wachter

    I have been really into the Perlina bags lately! I also love some of the very quality vintage bags. They have got to be leather and high quality-not just a name!

  • Mrsshoegal

    Treesje and Rebecca Minkoff!

  • spanish moss

    bottega veneta, bird and katherine kwei, please/g

  • jaffa

    Definitely Treesje. Burberry. Hayden-Harnett.

    I also have to say that your bag art photos are really beautiful. I have one of those page-a-day gallery calendars featuring handbags and the photography can be somewhat sterile with the plain white backgrounds. Keep shooting those lovely, creative images Megs and Vlad!

  • Thanks all!! We should be able to do most of the ones listed above… will have to try on Burberry!!!

  • Cindy

    How about Begeren?

  • Shannon


    Matt and Nat! Awesome bags by Canadian designers :)

  • Jennifer

    I agree with Rebecca Minkoff! Love looking at those beautiful bags!

    Also feel free to post more artsy pics of your fantastic Hermes peices Meg!

  • Kathleen

    Notting Hill, please! The photo on purseblog absolutely convinced me! I would like to see more.

  • Franca

    Bottega Veneta, Bird and Hermes too :-)

  • chirpy_gal

    Gucci please :-D

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca Minkoff please

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    I would LOVE to see more bags by DVF & now by CC Skye since they have really perked my interest!

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Of course I am ALWAYS in the mood to see my ALL time favorite Rebecca Minkoff too!!!

  • jena

    Skinny Vinny bags!

  • starkfan

    Treesje, definitely! And how about some Jenny Yuen too? :D

  • Anna


  • gracieo

    CC Skye please :o)

  • Elle

    Treesje, MJ, Jimmy Choo

  • Jenny

    Nancy Gonzales and Balenciaga?!

  • Thistle

    Adrianna Castro and Ferragamo!

  • Chele

    BV (Bottega Veneta) and Ferragamo…

  • Caroline

    Valentino, Miu Miu, Coach (leather)

  • Jane H.

    The new DVF! Pretty please… :)

  • Carolyn

    Stella McCartney

  • Mika

    Gucci and MJ please!!! =D

  • alexaross

    marc jacobs:) the robert collection seems interesting.

  • Becky

    Balenciaga, of course! =)

  • dcsurfergirl

    How about Coach and Alexis Hudson?

    I know a lot of people do not consider Coach as a luxury brand. Many have issues with some of their designs (the signature print gets a lot of bashing). Coach does have some interesting styles, though.

    Alexis Hudson has some cool styles as well. I have a Petite Amour bag that holds lot of stuff for such a small bag. Lots of women can appreciate that!

  • Melanie

    I think you should showcase the Proenza Schouler bags…they’re amazing looking.

  • Julia

    Lambertson Truex please!! I’m still drooling over that photo…

  • ZAT


    Yves Saint Laurent

  • cantrella

    betsey johnson!!

  • hazel

    CC Skye!

  • kadeam


  • Jimmy

    I just love these posts, a great idea, really! I’d love to see photos of bags in actual use. Stuffed with the every-day essentials in everyday situations.

    As for designers I love the travel-labels, Hermès, Bottega Veneta, GOYARD and louis Vuitton.

  • karolynka

    vlad’s pics are amazing, no matter the designer – ok let’s exxagerate…all!!

  • Amanda

    louis vuitton.

  • Silveretta


  • voguegurl

    jenny yuen

  • Melissa

    Exotics; Adriana Castro

  • lunatwinkle

    REBECCA MINKOFF!!! I will use the photo as my wallpaper on my computer! XD

  • Karin

    Is it OK if I suggest my own label ‘kikko’ ? I have had in mind to send you some of my evening bags to review but they aren’t quite finished yet. Still, I have other designs you may like. They are made in Australia from leather and kimono silk. I hope you don’t think I’m being overt here! Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Bottega Veneta, Nancy Gonzalez, Ferragamo, Judith Leiber

  • Megan Turvolgyi

    I’m thinking I would like you to shoot MagZ-BagZ. Check it out at http://www.magz-bagz.com – lifestyle shots desperately needed to show off how these bags function.

  • Ellie N-H

    Mulberry please. Emma Hill’s latest collections are beyond gorgeous and Vintage Mulberry bags are fabulous.