Rodarte x Opening Ceremony Cylinder Belt Bag and Rodarte x Opening Ceremony Square Belt Bag, $785 via ShopBop

Predictably, my initial reaction when I heard that Rodarte x Opening Ceremony’s accessory collection would include belt bags was somewhere along the lines of, “OH GOD NOT ANOTHER FANNY PACK.” Fanny packs should be banished forever to the furthest reaches of hell. You hear me, fashion industry? No more fanny packs. Do we understand each other?

Obviously, though, the Rodarte x Opening Ceremony Cylinder Belt Bag and Rodarte x Opening Ceremony Square Belt Bag aren’t fanny packs – they’re literally bags made of belts. Vintage belts, to be exact, and they come in all textures and shades of brown, no two exactly alike. And, well, they’re…interesting. But at least they’re not fanny packs.

I’m a fan of both Rodarte’s Californian quirk and Opening Ceremony’s New York edginess, but somehow, they came together and made a bag that I must have seen in vintage stores a hundred times over in my life. And if I couldn’t be bothered to buy it for $20 (and the all-important right to say, “It’s vintage,” when asked about it), then I’m certainly not going to buy it for nearly $800. If neo-vintage quirk is your thing, it can be found at far lower price and in far chicer forms. Which is a pity, because I usually expect great things from both companies involved in this collaboration. Buy the Cylinder Belt Bag or Square Belt Bag via ShopBop for $785.

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  • ninjaninja

    Calling all hipsters!

  • Marianna

    It looks like something my sons made at Boy Scout camp for their leatherwork badge!

  • annabelle

    ^ hahahahahah hipster indeed…but something about it attracts me to it…hahahah i’m no hipster though

  • elisabethfromsweden

    I am such a big fan of your blog…!! I have to check it out at least twice a day!! Sice you are the queen of handbags i just have to ask you your opinion of a bag….I really want to get a new bag and I have found one but i am not really sure about the size…maybe you can give me a final thought if i should by this bag…It is a mulberry ledbury…i originally wanted a bayswater but then I saw the price on ledbury and now i can not make up my mind if the bag is to small…Please help me…

    • Kat

      Try checking out the purseforum. Lots of information there. I would be surprised if you don’t find the help you need.

      And regarding the bags above… No. Just no.

  • Lori

    I don’t know if I could hate a bag more. My eyes hurt.

  • rose60610

    I’d need quite a few belts of bourbon before I’d wear one of these!

  • Nee

    one word – fugly.

  • lulugurl2006

    If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all……so I am not going to say anything…. ;-D

  • Rina Red

    Looks interesting…the square belt bag looks better than the cylinder one. The cylinder reminds me of a house. I’m not sure why -____-

  • bisbee

    Woodstock redux.

  • Cathy Fitz

    These are horrible. They look like a do-it-yourself craft project gone bad.

  • Renee

    Had to chime in on this one. As Nee said, fugly. The most hideous “bag” (and I use that term loosely) I have seen in as long as I can remember.

  • Chele

    Oh…this is a mess!

  • 19yearslater

    It’s better than a fanny pack. That is all I can say for it.

  • DJ

    These are seriously ugly, sorry.

  • edoardo

    I lvoe ROdarte’s style and so on, but this bag is pathetic, boring and not beautiful at all!

  • Bagolicious

    Nearly $800. for bags that look like they could have been made from a crafts kit or ones that I could have bought at Aardvark, on Melrose (L.A.), back in the early 70s for probably about $20.00, huh? I’ll pass.

  • Joyce

    These look like bags from the stalls of Cancun’s tourist district – except 160x more.

  • chezmadame

    My daughter (whose 21st birthday is in a few weeks) put this on her birthday bag wish list under the heading “If we were rich”.

    I just snagged the last one at the Barney’s sale for $199. My baby girl will be over the moon, and that’s good enough for me!