Alexander Wang Bianca Vest Bag on model

Alexander Wang hit big this season with the must-have Coco Duffel. I liked it, but I wasn’t buying it. The reviews coming in have been mixed about the actual bag itself, though I feel like the price was so great it justified a little less quality than expected. Other bags from Alexander Wang include multiple pockets and a look I am just not digging. Don’t get me wrong, the celebrity carrying list is long, but a) did they actually pay for the bag and b) I still don’t like them.

Then there was the Alexander Wang Bianca Vest Bag, which we keep staring at and wondering if, when, and how it will catch on. There is success with the bag though, the success of publicity. We may be hating on it, but we are talking about it and that is giving Alexander Wang that much more press.

What is my point of this post you are wondering? ShopBop found a model that looked more comfortable sporting this vest bag and she makes it look believable and edgy it as a backpack. I do not want it and if I wore it I would look ridiculous, but Wang may have intended for this bag to be worn by a select few. You know who would totally rock this bag ridiculously well? Rumi from FashionToast. Vest bag still available via ShopBop for $850.

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  • Tangela

    Hmmm, not sure about this one. If I wore the bag the way the model is wearing it, I would worry about someone unzipping my bag and snatching a few contents if I were in a very busy city.

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    I think this bag is totally hideous!

  • misslola

    Wear it either way, it’s still beyond silly.

  • denim53


  • Claire

    I think I had that sweater in 8th grade.

  • Nancy Tatum

    This has got to be one of the most ridiculous “fashions” I’ve ever seen. Kinda makes me think of how dumb and stupid designers must think women are. It’s actually insulting.

  • otter


  • Pandor@

    Oh, well, this is very insane and questionable.

    But hey, at least Amber Rose is able to rock it. %)

  • Anyone have a photo of Amber Rose with it?? I couldn’t find it…

  • Pandor@

    Meg, you’re kiddin’ me, right? 0_o

    That’s the 1st search result in Google for “amber rose bag”…

    Here’s the link:

    the photo itself:

  • Linda

    Looks ridiculous and beyond impractical….the first poster was correct, I can just see someone coming up and unzipping and helping themselves. A really bad idea…all the way around.

  • renee

    Um. It’s a vest.

  • dierregi

    I really wonder if it will ever be unanimously agreed that something is ridiculous, silly, useless and unpractical without trying to find a way to justify its absurdity.

    If you want a backpack, you can choose among a million different ones (but then again, be careful with those outside pockets if you use public transport); if you want a vest, again plenty of choices and if you want a handbag you won’t buy this thing. So, what is the point?

  • Maria

    i dont even know if you can categorize this as a bag… its one chromosome away from a fishing vest!

  • 19yearslater

    It looks better this way than as a vest, but still- I really can’t imagine people buying this.

  • tagatha

    The only way I could possibly consider wearing this bag is if I broke a leg and had to walk on crutches. This would leave my hands free… on the other hand, I could also stuff everything in my pockets as well.

  • erica

    My brother in law Ivrahim is a model for Diddy, Armani ( yes I’m proud and also jealous) and when I recently saw him he had on a vest similar to this and I was like what? It looked cool on him, but not so sure how i feel about it on women.

  • Rebbeca

    This bag is just funnyyy..!!