Christian Louboutin Lolita Montone Bag

I’ve always been critical of Christian Louboutin handbags in the past, but I’ve seen a few that I don’t hate in the past season. With all the design genius in that company, I knew they would pull together their handbag line sooner or later, and they appear to be slowly but surely turning out some purses that do justice to their drool-worthy shoes. The Christian Louboutin Lolita Montone Bag is surely a step in the right direction.

The biggest criticism I have of this bag is that it’s a bit plain, but since most of Louboutin’s bags are very simple and clean, I’ll chalk that up to a fundamental difference in personal taste between me and whoever is in charge of this line. The pleating, which is the bag’s main visual element, is soft but still refined, and the gold chain handle and Louboutin logo give bag a little bit of shine. Besides, I’ve always been partial to gold hardware with white leather – it just looks right. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1195.

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