I’ve been staring at this Alexander Wang Bianca Vest Bag for some time, wondering if I should write about it. Is it a vest? A bag? Or worse, some incarnation of a fanny pack? But as you can see, my curiosity got the better of me. The following are my musings on this vest bag: Why would anyone wear this?

Or even more important, how would anyone wear this? Oh wait. That was a silly question. Clearly this is meant to be worn as a vest, hence the name. But now I’m back to square one, which is the big question of Why Wear This.

Alexander Wang Bianca Vest Bag

Is it possible that Alexander Wang has made a mistake and made something that is just too strange for us, the fashion-obsessed? Rihanna, that wonder who can pull off anything, has not even pulled this off… yet. I think even this Shopbop model has a hard time pulling it off. Ok, and if a paid model can’t pull this off; who does Alexander Wang think we are, a culture of models? Hmph. Well, I wouldn’t wear it. Even if I do like the fact that it has many little zippered compartments. But Mr. Wang has other bags for that. Well, I don’t like the pebbled leather anyways. So you see- this is what a freakish bag will make you think like. Buy through Shopbop for $850, if you dare.

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  • soontobegrad

    Actually I saw Kanye West girlfriend Amber wearing this in a photo walking down the street with Kanye, and it didn’t look that bad. Maybe it’s because her style is kind of out there already, but it worked. You should check it out

  • Cadence

    This looks a little too flak jacket military for me. I just don’t know.

  • chelsialis

    Hey gals, I live in Singapore. Such a type of bag will come in handy whenever I go overseas. Instead of wearing a security-guard vest which is full of pockets to keep my valuables like passport and cash and mobile(gypsies and pickpockets around), I will like to wear bag like this to keep my valuables. This designer bag has lost its practical-ness due to its designer pricing…just my 2 cents worth… (:

  • Cadence

    Plus, even though we want every one to look at our handbag, we also want them to look at our outfit….so now we’re just going to see the handbag and not the whole ensemble. Yeah, I’m just stuck on this as a FAIL.

  • Rebecca

    Definitely not for me.

  • nancyrush9

    This is too strange…for a highly organized dominatrix maybe?

  • Laura

    So, which pocket is the gun holster?

  • Kimberley

    Actually it looks really gorgeous on. It fits like a leather vest, and looks amazing when worn backwards. It looks like you have a zip necklace on, which is BIG for Fall 09. And from behind looks like a super slim back pack. This can also be worn unzipped and folded in half as a slouchy shoulder bag that is not overly wide.

    So you have at least 3 ways to wear it. Fashion Fail? Absolutely not. This is a true indication of how Alexander Wang designs. Something noticeable, something beautiful to handle,(the quality of his leathers are amazing), and something fashion forward and functional.

    I own JESS, ENIKO and the TINA clutch from his Fall collection, and I am stunned his price point is not higher with his accessories. His leather and overall quality of his bags is really fantastic. And they all look much better IRL than a stock photo.

  • atrophia

    This is an interesting concept, and it looks like it could be quite handy, but I’d have to see it on more people than just the model on Shopbop; she just doesn’t quite pull it off for some reason, except in backpack mode. Maybe because the straps are way lower than I would expect.

  • Classic Chic

    does it come in sizes like XS~XL? Certainly the fit will be different for different body shape?

  • 19yearslater

    It’s like a funny looking motorcycle vest. It kind of looks like two of those good for your back slingpacks sewn together.

  • little b

    it looks like botkiers Bianca bag in a vest, funny that it has the same name!!!

  • michele

    I’d have to see it IRL… don’t like the was it looks in the picture.

  • little fish

    i love this bag actually, have seen it on shopbop and almost wanted to buy it. It is practical and like what Kimberley ‘ve said , it can be worn in 3 ways. So one vote for Alexander Wang’s bag!

  • Merve

    I hear how all you guys are saying that it looks cool on but surely if i put anything in the pockets its gonna puff up and im gonna look like im wearing a life jacket. The price is ok for something so weird and i would like to have the guts to own it but i’m usually trying to conceal a protruding tummy not enhance it. So the best that i can come up with is that stick thin models/actresses will wear it since their minders can carry their actual stuff or super trendy flyfishers ha!

  • Margo

    Absolutely, hideous; it looks like an extra pair of sun-dried breasts. I work hard at keeping the ones I already have, looking perky. I’m sure not going to slap on those. Ewwww.

  • Nicole

    This vest/purse hybrid could be appropriate for fishing, hiking, or engaging in warfare; othewise, it has fashion victim written all over it. Despite my opinion, I am an Alexander Wang devotee. I love my Donna Hobo, Brenda Zip bag, and cozy t-shirts. While, I appreciate his comfortable/I just threw this on/ cool-rock chick aesthetic, I don’t think it’s a viable option for most women.

  • Claire

    I think the shopbop model looks embarrassed.

  • MissLoveChanel

    I agree with Margo; worn in front it looks like droopy breasts. It might come off nicely as a backpack, though…I’d be willing to try one on. Being a small person I would hope it could cinch up a bit tighter than the loose way the model at shopbop is wearing it. As Claire said, she looks embarrassed.

  • B

    I agree with Claire, even the shopbop model looks embarrassed.

    It’s like a glorified fannypack.

    Unless you’re rail model thin, it just looks frumpy on Anyone. Completely unflattering and adds extra padding on a woman’s frame. Why oh why?!

  • anne

    I have this bag and it’s totally cool. I agree that zipped up like a fisherman’s vest is the least flattering way to wear it. but it’s so convertible. you can wear it as a vest w/pouches in front but OPEN which looks crucially different–you can see your figure and the pouches seem small and hang to the side; as a backpack but unzipped in front, pouches in back–very unobtrusive; as a backpack but zipped in front, so that it looks kind of s&m; as a double-sided shoulder bag with cool double-zipper double straps; or you can put your super-essentials on just one side and zip off side 2 and leave that at home. when you just have a single side you can sling it across the chest. I do agree that it works best on a tall, thin person. I’m not sure it can coexist with major bosoms for example!

  • S

    Omg I dont know how to describe this, it is just absolutely nasty, yea I dont think anyone could pull this one off

  • Pickleguts

    If you don’t want yours can I have it:) I have a kid and would LOVE something like this! And I don’t even care that I will look like a freak cuz when you are a mom with a wild 18 month old you always look like a freak! Hook me up, I’m a momma in need<3

  • Fashionista

    I personally like it. Wish I could catch it on a blow out sale. It’s a bit pricey but I would definitely rock it.