I’ve been staring at this Alexander Wang Bianca Vest Bag for some time, wondering if I should write about it. Is it a vest? A bag? Or worse, some incarnation of a fanny pack? But as you can see, my curiosity got the better of me. The following are my musings on this vest bag: Why would anyone wear this?

Or even more important, how would anyone wear this? Oh wait. That was a silly question. Clearly this is meant to be worn as a vest, hence the name. But now I’m back to square one, which is the big question of Why Wear This.

Alexander Wang Bianca Vest Bag

Is it possible that Alexander Wang has made a mistake and made something that is just too strange for us, the fashion-obsessed? Rihanna, that wonder who can pull off anything, has not even pulled this off… yet. I think even this Shopbop model has a hard time pulling it off. Ok, and if a paid model can’t pull this off; who does Alexander Wang think we are, a culture of models? Hmph. Well, I wouldn’t wear it. Even if I do like the fact that it has many little zippered compartments. But Mr. Wang has other bags for that. Well, I don’t like the pebbled leather anyways. So you see- this is what a freakish bag will make you think like. Buy through Shopbop for $850, if you dare.

Perfectly Pink

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