In previous posts about Tano, some questions were raised about the quality of construction and leather used in the bags. In the broad scheme of designer bags, though, they’re pretty inexpensive, which begs the question: what’s price does a brand have to hit before people look the other way on quality? If we’re being honest with ourselves, most people only use their bags for a season or two anyway. Something bigger or better comes along eventually, and our old favorite gets stuffed back into the dustbag, perhaps never to be seen again.

Tano Woven-Handle Hobo

So to some consumers, certainly, sacrificing the level of quality control that would make the bag last for years in order to save a few hundred bucks might be well worth it. After all, who needs to pay for a bag that will last for a decade when you know you only want to carry it for six months? I think that’s the line that Tano tries to toe, and if their growth as a brand is any indication, they’re doing a good job. The Tano Woven-Handle Hobo is a good example. It’s on trend, made of relatively nice leather, and in a cute color. It’s not intended to be carried forever, and it’s priced accordingly. It’s high end enough to command more money than your average bag, but not so expensive that it makes you feel bad for buying other things too. It may not be your cup of tea, but it’s a combination that will work for a lot of people. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $275.

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  • Cindy

    Well, I hate to rain in this parade but I’m not a big Tano fan. Their styles are cute but the leather isn’t the best and the lining they use is horrible. The zippers stick, the cell phone pocket is useless. To me, that’s too many negatives and not enough positives and for $275, I can find something much nicer.

  • Barb

    Okay, I’ll buy the lesser quality but I really don’t get the black accents,i.e. handle and strips holding hardware. To me, it’s like the colored leather was too expensive and so they (TANO) scrimped. I don’t mind an inexpensive bag but don’t want to scream inexpensive! And I can find a nice looking leather bag in the $100 range. So NO WAY!

  • TygerKitty

    I love love love my Tano bags… I don’t own this particular one but I do own over 30 of them and haven’t had a single quality-control issue with any of them.

    They have altered the cell phone pockets in the bag to be more useful and they use top of the line zippers just as any other brand we post about does. At $275 this bag is more expensive than it needs to be considering you can find Tanos for less money; especially considering this is a Fall 2008 bag.

    As far as the accents are concerned… Tano is supposed to be edgy and funky rocker chic… contrast trim helps with this and it isn’t supposed to be all rosy-posy sweet and gentle like some other brands. This bag is also made in other colors without contrast trim, the grape color just happens to look awesome against black. And, I do believe this bag is “the romantic” even though NM doesn’t specify it as that… or perhaps NM wanted the custom contrast trim and gave it a different name. Either way, I love my Tano bags and wanted to throw an air of positivity into this thread!

  • alex

    Tano bags are sold at some of the best stores in the world, including Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

    Tano makes really stylish, well made bags in awesome colors for around $200-$250. (This one is more expensive than most.) Are they as luxurious as Prada bags? No. But with Tano you get a lot of bang for your buck.

  • Michelle

    I own several Tano bags and love each and every one of them! Part of their appeal to me is they are made very well and are very lightweight! Personally, I love the contrast the black strapping provides the beautiful colors!

    I have to disagree that these bags weren’t made to last for years–I know my Tanos will last for many, many years. I’ve seen some old Tanos on eBay and once they’ve been conditioned they come back to life and look as good as new! Not too many handbags out there for the $200-$250 price range can make that claim!!

    I just wish some of my high end bags were as durable. . .

  • OBoogie

    I love my Tanos. I have 6 now, and each and every one of them is lightweight, high-quality, and built to last. I’ve had much more expensive handbags fall apart, so price isn’t always synonymous with quality. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking it is!

  • Tina

    Well of course a Tano retail owner would say they are wonderful but as a non-bias customer I will voice my opinion as well. I have owned a few Tano bags and they are not the best quality. I had hardware fall off a bag (and I baby my bags). I find the new price of close to if not over $300 to be excessive. The leather feels very plasticy IMO and often has a funky chemical smell. The styles are cute but often ‘inspired.’ I have bought a few as my rainy, throw around bags on ebay for prices close to $100 and to me that is all they are worth. I would never pay retail for this lesser quality brand when I can find better quality bags on sale for the same price. Just my 2 cents…which I am entitled to :)

  • alex

    Tano’s price point is mostly in the $200-$250 range, although there are some exceptions (like the one featured in this blog entry.)

    EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions… that’s for sure. Tano bags don’t suit everyone, which is a good thing- the world would be a very boring place if all of our bags looked the same! :)

    There is a Tano sub forum right here on TPF with tons of devoted fans… and Tano is a growing, thriving brand… so they’re obviously doing something right :)

    Hardware problems are extremely rare with Tano bags, but as with even the priciest designer bags, they can sometimes occur. For example, the clasp broke off my mom’s first Chanel bag after she used it just a handful of times. And as for Tano’s leathers, there are many different types- all top grain hides that are custom made for them in Italy. What kind of leather appeals to you is a very personal thing… but they have distressed metallic suede, squishy washed leather, hand stained, anilyn dyed leather… you name it.

  • TymeFlies

    ^^Hmmm u sound like a salesman…u must be the tano retail store owner. I myself have owned 5 and also find the quality to be less than the 200-300 price range. Cute bags but I would only wait for a sale because the retail price is way too high. I agree that 200-300 would be better spent on a higher quality bag that goes on sale for the same price such as Ignes, LP or RM. But find a tano on sale and they make a great bag to use on rainy days.

  • TygerKitty

    You may wish to spend your money on bags that go on sale but it also isn’t a fair comparison to compare a bag that’s originally $600 (just an example) to a bag that retails for $200. That’s simply not a logical comparison.

    Anyways, I didn’t want to start a fight, I just wanted some positive comments on here as well since many of us DO love Tano for a multitude of reasons. Sorry that our additional comments have led to accusations and more negativity; that was never my intent.

  • Kim

    The blog review was pretty much dead on, except that I think most consumers expect bags to last more than a season or two. We bag freaks are a different breed!

    I have my own opinion regarding what I think is Tano’s overuse of contrast trim but that’s neither here nor there. I own a few Tano bags that I really like. I bought them on sale or used; I would never pay full retail for these bags. Their leather and finishing simply isn’t worth a $200+ price tag.

    In response to a prior post, the fact that better bags can be purchased on sale for less can’t be ignored. That would be foolish for both the consumer and the merchant, especially in this economy.

    Finally, opinions are simply opinions…not “negativity.”

  • alex

    I believe that people are buying Tano bags because of their distinctive LOOK as well as their affordable price points.

    Tano bags are slouchy/casual/hip/urban/edgy/distressed… brands like INGES, RM and BE make more luxurious bags, but they’re 2-3 times more expensive, and they are more structured/tailored/classic/polished/conservative looking.

    Some of you may prefer to wait for a RM to go on sale 50% off than buy a Tano at full price, and thats fine… if you like RM bags.

    Others wouldn’t give the RM a second glance, even at 50% off- they prefer the look and feel of Tano bags, and find the price to be very reasonable.

    Taste is a RELATIVE thing. Some bags appeal to you, others dont.

  • OBoogie

    Clearly it is a matter of opinion, but I think some of the pricier bags (as shown on The Purse Blog and discussed in the sub-forums) are completely hideous, and I can’t imagine spending $10 on one, never mind $600-700. To each their own!

  • TM

    very well said Kim. Seems like one person is beating a dead horse stating the same thing over and over 3 times in a total of 13 responses. Selling Tano bags may pay your bills and is your job, but this is a forum for all opinions. you voiced your 3 times now and don’t need to keep arguing against anyone that does not like the bags. we get it…u like them and sale them for a living.

    I agree, differing opinions are not negativity. People have intelligently and honestly voiced their experiences and opinions….hmmm isn’t this a purse forum where that is what we do. No one has been mean or negative….just honest in their opinion. I appreciate their honesty and dont like to hear a sales pitch only.

    I have owned a few tanos and agree the quality is not $200 worth at all. And in this economy bags like Linea, Ignes and other brands are easily found at those prices or below so that is where my money will go. Plus their are quality leather bags at TJ Maxx for the same price or less that hold up better than Tano. I will buy Tanos onsale but only for their quality value which to me is 100 or less.

    I am glad we all have different taste but that does not speak for a bag’s quality….if it did then those fake dooney giraffe bags would be amazing quality ;)

  • TygerKitty

    All I meant by negativity is that the comments up until I posted were all non-supportive of Tano. For someone unfamiliar with the brand it is better for them to see comments from both sides in order for them to make an informed decision. I do believe everyone has a right to voice their opinion whether it be positive or negative. That’s all!

  • bluebutterfly

    dont waste your money! tano bags barely last one season even if you are careful and treat your bags. I agree with the review on purse blog savvy! very well said.

  • alex

    If you want to get some accurate, up to date info about Tano bags from people who really know what they are talking about, visit the Tano SF right here on TPF. The members there own over 500 Tano bags collectively and would be happy to share their enthusiasm for the brand with anyone who is curious!!!

  • alex

    ^^ sorry, forgot to include a link: