I’ve been hearing rumblings about this announcement for a few weeks, but it’s finally official: friend of PurseBlog Rebecca Minkoff has signed on with Saks to produce a line of bags at a higher price point than what some of her fans might be used to. More information and pictures, after the jump.

According to Minkoff, the bags will be created using materials and hardware that didn’t make financial sense to use in her lower-priced line, like rose gold-covered hardware and fine calf skins. Based on the pictures I’ve seen, the designs will be more intricate and hardware-laden, but still retain the style for which Minkoff is known. (In fact, some of the styles are exactly the same, just with different materials.)

I am of two minds about the collection – on the one hand, nicer materials do cost more money, so it makes sense that the end product would be more pricey. Alternately, however, some of Minkoff’s long-time customers feel as though the quality of her current bags has taken a hit (I don’t own one, so I cannot personally attest to this, but I’ve seen the feedback both in the comments on the blog and in the RM section of The Purse Forum), and I’m sure that they’ll feel snubbed in favor of customers that can pay more for the quality that they already feel that they deserve.

There’s also the question of whether Minkoff’s bags have an audience at a higher price point, and I suppose that that remains to be seen. With prices ranging from $550 to $2,000 (which would be for an exotic, I would hope), the line is certainly playing for a different audience than has gotten used to buying RM bags at sample sales and otherwise discounted prices. We know that it’s possible for a brand to make a successful lower-priced line (hello, Marc by Marc Jacobs), but I think it will be significantly harder for a brand to go from mid-range to high-end. The price expectations that have already been set may be too hard to overcome.

As far as the designs go…I think that the art deco buckles are a bit much, but the rose gold hardware is an interesting idea. I’m not sure that I’d be willing to pay $550 for some of these bags, however, let alone $2,000 – do you plan to make a purchase from this line?

Photos via Minkette.com

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  • Betterstopnow

    I’m not really a fan, and I own four RM bags myself. The MAB-type studded bag is cute, but I wouldn’t pay her usual price for it, let alone an inflated “Saks exclusive” price. And while the rose gold hardware is pretty, I actually think the shape and style of the hardware is rather unappealing.

  • Claire

    Aren’t studs kind of over?

    • Laurel

      i for one am sick of them

  • 19yearslater

    Some of them are nice but the amount of hardware is overkill and it’s not fair to change the way the original bags are made in order to gain from this new line.

  • Loquita

    I am an ex-RM fan (due to the steady decline in the brand’s quality control and customer service since the label’s beginning) and I can understand how long-time customers would resent this line. Moreover, if you take into account the original line’s designs, these “higher end” versions hardly strike me as original. Once again, RM proves that she does not take her customers all that seriously on various counts.

  • Barb

    I own numerous RMs. I have seen a decline in quality and design over the years, especially in the customer service department. I wish Rebecca luck but none of these designs appeal to me. They are overdecorated versions of her “lower”end designs. It was like she thought I have to add more to get more $. TOO TOO much. (fb)

  • Jane

    I must agree with a lot of these sentiments. I am a huge fan of RM, but I don’t think just adding metal to a bag makes it more high end and worth the price point. It makes me sad to hear all the customer service issues with her line. Maybe she should buckle down and add more help to her customer service and then address issues with making a higher end line. Sometimes, growing too big too fast can be very bad for business. Hello, Starbucks. You need to keep the old customers loyal forever and then continue to work on getting new customers. Anyway, getting back to design. The designs are boring I much rather enjoy the lower price point Spring line than this new line.

  • Sarah

    I would be VERY surprised if her line does well at Saks. I have a feeling they’ll end up at OFF5TH hugely discounted. Whether or not RM has an over 1K price range audience, the designs of these bags are sort of vomit-ish and gawdy (not trying to be mean, just the first two words came to mind when I saw these posted on tPF). Rose gold is a hard to do HW, it’s unforgiving and doesn’t give you much leather color options to go with. And her designs on these bags……someone didn’t come to work the day the drawings were finalized.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I know that RM is everywhere at the moment. I am a fan, but I think it is too early for her to delve into the higher end market. I can’t see that market embracing her designs yet…After more savvy priced success lines, they will want her, but I think you have to be more ‘proven’ to move up there. (fb)

  • Maria

    I agree that there is way too much hardware on these bags, and added with the higher price point there is no way I’ll be buying anything from this line.

    PS- is it just me or does the first bag look like it has nipple tassels?

    • betterstopnow

      LOL – good eye, it totally does!

  • anonymous

    I have a feeling these higher-priced bags will be made as poorly as the other ones. After a bad experience paying $425 for one of her bags, I certainly will never buy another, let alone a more-expensive one. I get annoyed with the Purse Blog sometimes because it seems like there’s some kind of deal going on with Minkoff because I have never seen a bad review of her bags, in spite of the numerous complaints in the forum. These new bags looked glitzy and heavy.

  • Mitzi

    Imagine pulling a 2000 RM out of the box and having studs or hardware fall off right away. Oh yeah, that’ll be cool. No way will I pay more than 300 bucks for any RM these days.

  • ottercat

    Just purchased my first RM bag at Nordstrom last weekend and I kinda love it. But — did so because I’ve stopped paying over $1,200 for a bag. I’m pretty much done with that. The recession taught me a big lesson.

  • Pamela

    I recently bought my first RM which was the studded darling…and now Im honestly lusting over the easy rider date clutch…But honestly…I’m getting really sick of studs right now and I would never pay that much for any of her stuff in the saks line. (fb)

  • justa9url

    I love the belt buckles on the bags but the studs and excessive decor are overkill on some of the bags. (fb)

  • VanBod

    These are just ugly as far as I’m concerned. I was in the US in January and was really keen to see an RM in real life – boy was I disappointed. The leathers just were not what I expected…and the complaints about appalling CS and bags that fall apart within days in the subforum just make me shy away. The satchels could be cool but there is just so much going on. Too much!

  • Shine

    Alright the first two bags: talking about over decoration and hardware were all over, out on the wrong places on the bag, its very ugly. Second two bags the studs are nice and just enough to diminished the boriness on the bag. Others bags, i dont like it at all.(fb)

  • Leticia

    I kind of like the first two – although they seem like fake leather – but man, the comments really put me off! In reality not many bags are actually worth more than 500 dollars, and if I ever buy a 2000 dollar leather bag, I’ll not only expect it to be an everlasting classic, but I’ll expect it to hold together for a lifetime! (fb)

  • Linda

    The bag you feature at the beginning of your review is one of the ugliest handbags I have ever seen. Talk about overkill on details. In the past I was interested in a MAB, but I was told by one store owner that had carried RM the the problems they had with the bags being returned due to issues caused them to discontinue carrying the line. I think RM is premature in trying to reach out to a really high end audience considering the issues I have heard of and the fact that while her bags are on trend, would you really want an RM at $2,000 when you could have a Balenciaga, Bottega, Fendi, Gucci…you name it.

    • nola

      I agree with you about that first bag. It scared me!

  • roni

    I am appalled that she is considering starting another line when her company is in shambles. I am a blogger, I never bought nor owned a RM bag and they stole my email. Put me on all kinds of lists and sort. Everyone who has a RM complains about the customer service over there, I hope she reads these comments so she can get her crap together or TJMaxx will be carrying RM exclusives. (no offense to TJ shoppers)

  • roni

    oh yeah, I would NEVER

    • roni

      pay over $200 for those bags!! for $900 I can walk up and down fifth avenue and take my pick =

  • nora

    I’m getting tired of the RM lines being pushed on this blog. Seems like every week there’s at least one post about Rebecca Minkoff.

  • tessa

    the first bag with the tassels coming out of the gold circles reminds me of those 3d moles you see on people with a hair growing out of it.