You’d think that with all the pictures of handbags I see on a daily basis, I’d be good at visualizing their size without seeing them in person. And if you think that, you’d be wrong at least a good bit of the time. Maybe I should spent a little more time on my math (or science, or whatever subject taught you about the wonderful world of measurements) lessons in school, but if a site doesn’t offer pictures of its bags with models or on a model form, then I’m usually a bit clueless.

Rebecca Minkoff Ibiza Mini Mini Bag

The Rebecca Minkoff Ibiza Mini Mini Bag says that it’s 9.5 inches wide, and that means only one thing to me – it’s not huge. Theoretically, it’s smaller than a Morning After Mini. So if it’s approximately the size that I’m imagining in my head, I think this is a bag that a lot of people that are uncomfortable with clutches would like. Everyone has that friend that refuses to carry a clutch, so then you have to jam her phone and keys into yours, and you just can’t stop thinking that she should BUY A FREAKIN’ BAG ALREADY every time you go out with her at night (ahem, my friend like this is named Candice). That friend of yours? She should buy this bag and carry her own stuff for once. And maybe yours too, because she owes you. Buy through ShopBop for $295.

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  • Cindy

    Pretty color, but 9.5 inches is too small for me.

  • Amanda R

    It’s cute. Really, it is. It’s one of those bags that I’d pick up and just go, “AWWWWWWWW!” However, it almost reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Mini HL – adorable, but totally impractical (for me, at least). For $295 I’d much rather have a Morning After Clutch – way roomier!

    I’m really glad that you posted this bag though — it’s just too cute, and it was nice to see something different!

  • Linda

    Is that silver hardware I see? I hope so…I would like a MAB…but I only wear silver and do not want a bunch of gold hardware on my bag….I hope they pick up this trend for those of us that do not like the gold…give us a choice!!!!

  • Crista

    Okay, I’m totally imaging this on my 3 year old! Too too cute!!!

  • Pepper

    This is for children, a grown women would look so stupid using this!

  • Misa

    I love this! I thought it would look silly IRL, but when I checked out some of the modeling shots of the Mini Minis in TPF Rebecca Minkoff Forum, it looked like a great small crossbody! It also holds more than the Morning After Clutch.

    I won’t be getting mine until later this summer, thanks to a special order, but I’m already imagining what I can wear with it!