The “Easy Rider” line has some of my favorite Rebecca Minkoff bags that I’ve seen in quite a while, hands down. I love the zippers, tassels, studs, everything. I love that the bags are asymmetrical, but not in an unpleasing way.

My favorite of the line is probably the Rebecca Minkoff Easy Rider Date Clutch. You could argue that the line is somewhat gimmicky, and I think that gimmicks always work best in small amounts, which makes a clutch the obvious high point for a design with so much going on.

The overall look reminds me of L.A.M.B.’s aesthetic, but it’s not ripping off a specific design that I can think of, so I’m ok with that. In fact, I think this is exactly the direction in which RM needs to go – it’s young, hip and will land in the hands of just the right celebrities, likely increasing the brand’s profile. And isn’t that the whole point – to design bags with which people want to be seen? I’m sure we’ll see this being carried by one of the Gossip Girl actresses in no time. Buy through ShopBop for $375.


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