Milly Victoria Suede Clutch, $230. Milly Victoria Leather Crossbody, $285. Both via ShopBop.

It’s so easy to become completely jaded to the prices of handbags after you’ve been buying them for a couple of years, but when you stand back and look at it, a grand or two for a handbag really is an enormous amount of money, objectively. When you consider that even most big brands are assembly-line produced in a way not dissimilar to how much less expensive bags are made, an occasional bout of price frustration is not only understandable, but probably indicative of a healthy mental state.

When that happens, it’s nice to take a moment and remember that there are brand like Milly out there, making very stylish bags with price tags in the low three-figures. The Milly Victoria Bags are just the latest in a string of successes for the brand’s neophyte handbag line, and they’re very much worth noting.

At first I thought that perhaps the engraved metal straps and buckles were a bit too much like the Mulberry Tillie for my taste, but on further reflection, I don’t really care so much about that similarity. The overall feel of this design is less casual than Mulberry’s aesthetic, so the chance that one would be mistaken for the other is slim.

I do hope that the kink in the chain of the Milly Victoria Mini Flap Bag is smoothed out on the models for sale, and if it’s not, that’s a dealbreaker. As it is, though, the contemporary market is still alive and well, and these brands often make some extremely covetable bags. You just have to look a little harder, but you’ll save some money for your effort. Buy through ShopBop for $230 for the clutch or $285 for the crossbody.

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  • marinaharbour

    Cute!!! Im planning in buying a Milly bag!

  • mochababe73

    I saw some in Nordstrom’s, and I really didn’t like them. But for someone like me that’s on a tight budget, the price is right.