So far, the Pretty Napa collection from Marc by Marc Jacobs has been a little underwhelming for me. I more or less liked the line’s clutch, but all of the other pieces seem a bit overworked to me. Which is too bad – this brand in particular usually does an admirable job of keeping things simple without either trying too hard or being boring.

That’s why the line has surely peaked with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Napa Ukita Bag. The bag is simple without being boring, clean while still being eye-catching and rendered in the perfect shade of winter-to-spring white.

Ok, well, maybe I got a little excited there: it might be a tad boring. I’d entertain that argument, where someone to make it. But a good bag wardrobe includes things that may not be that exciting at first glance as well as bags that make your heart stop, and I think that there is room in the handbag world for this little guy.

We know that the leather will be thick and soft because the bag is MbMJ, and the wide, flat shoulder strap looks like it would be comfortable to carry all day. Perhaps my favorite thing, though, is that the little bow ends look appropriate on this bag instead of tacked on, which was my problem with most of this line. I don’t know if I’d buy it for full price, but if it goes on sale, come to mama. Buy through Saks for $458.

Perfectly Pink

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