The Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Slingdoodle has perhaps the best name that any handbag has ever been so lucky to have. In fact, you can scratch the “perhaps” from that sentence. It definitely has the best name. I defy anyone to find something that rolls off the tongue more perfectly than the words “flash slingdoodle.” You can’t do it. Because words that are better as a pair than these? They don’t exist. It’s like “cellar door” for a new generation.

With such a wonderous title, how can a bag home to measure up? This one doesn’t quite make it, although it certainly isn’t bad. On the contrary, I kind of like it, but I want more out of a bag with a moniker as splendiferous as “Flash Slingdoodle.”

It is a nice bag, but my standards based on the name are almost impossibly high. The bag’s overall feel reminds me a bit of the Alexander Wang Donna Bag, except at approximately half the price. It’s also not as attractive or stylish of a bag, but it’s not bad. Extra-long hobos are becoming more popular, and this is a pretty decent place to start. Plus, you get to tell everyone that you own a Flash Slingdoodle. That’s worth the price alone. Buy through Saks for $458.

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  • 19yearslater

    I haven’t been in love with any of the new zipper bags, but I kind of want this just so someone can ask me whether I have a new bag and I can be all “Yeah, it’s a Flash Slingdoodle.” : D

  • Karin bag4bag

    I thought I would use this bag a lot. The zips make it edgy, and the black will work with most things. It has lovely bright stripey lining, BUT why does such a big bag have to have a magnetic clasp not a zip closure ? There are zips all over this bag but they can’t use one for the closure ! With a big bag, I carry more stuff, and it can slip out of the sides with a magnetic clasp. I wouldn’t buy it because of the clasp.

  • elyse

    I agree with Karin. I looked at this bag and was completely turned off when I saw that there wasn’t a zip close (fb)