Lockheart Giselle Foldover BagSo I’m not too familiar with this Lockheart brand, but their Giselle Foldover Bag looks so versatile that it’s got me interested. Normally, I don’t like extra straps. I’m of the mind that a bag should be designed to be carried in one way, and if you can’t stick to a way, then the designer has not been effective in finishing the design. For some reason, this bag is keeping my interest, though. From what I can see, it can be carried in three ways – by its top handles, as a hobo, or as a crossbody bag. I like the zipper details, but something about it might be a bit masculine for me. The leather looks nice, but…is anyone else seeing a laptop briefcase with some fashionable details?

If you’re a professional woman and that’s exactly what you need, then this would probably be a great bag for you to still be stylish but subtle at work. As an everyday bag for a woman that doesn’t need to schlep a laptop or a lot of files, I’m not sure this is the direction that I would advise you to go in. It’s not terrible, and maybe I’m not judging it in the right mindframe, but I’m not on board. I’m interested to see more, though, because although this bag isn’t my style, I think it’s well-executed for what it is. Buy through Saks for $625.

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  • gail

    Amanda, you are spot on. I have seen and held this bag and it is VERY functional. Great for travel and/or work. Lots of compartments and organization. The zippers very on trend right now. Extremely light, in spite of the leather, straps and zipper detail. The leather is also very nice. I would not use it as an everyday bag, but for work/travel, yes. BTW, have you checked out the other Lockhearts on the SAKS website? If so, I would love to see your reviews of those…

  • justa9url

    I think this bag looks very functional. I love it! I’m not familiar with the Lockheart brand though… But I do love a bag with optional straps. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

  • Jessica

    I am a huge fan of this bag. Heck! I am a huge fan of LOCKHEART! I am a student and always carrying around a lot of stuff so yes my entire life fits in here, but I still look fashionable. Ive been talking about how great this bag is all over the purseforum and have even posted pics of me rockin it :-)

    Gail, I have checked out their other bags on Saks.com, I am really liking the Alana Zip-It Hobo. Have you checked out their new website? (Lockheart.com) They have a lot of different stuff on there, something for every style I think. I checked out a few at Nordstrom and the leather is super soft!

  • Nicole

    I have this bag in 2 colors and i’m obsessed with the utilitarian funtion. This is my absolute favorite travel bag…I put my ticket and wallet in the front compartment, my book and sweater in the middle compartment and my ipod in the back pocket….still leaving the two front pockets free to stash gum and candy. I got mine at Nordstroms ;-)

  • Karina

    Do they make this bag in other colors?? The shape is so practical and the leather looks soft. I saw a picture of their Zahara bag on bagsnob.com on Audrina Partridge. Its FABULOUS! If these two are what they’re whole line is like I am a new fan!

  • Chelsea

    I personally love a lot of different handles and straps because that way you can change the look of the bag depending on what outfit you’re wearing etc. I’m unsure about the color but overall I really like the design of this bag. I’m going to check if this is on Saks website because I really, really need a purse around this size!

  • kelly

    I was wondering the same thing about the other colors so i checked out the designer (http://www.lockheart.com/), they also have it in a great, funky green and silver. This the perfect bag, it’s perfect for going from class to work to going out at night. This bag is the perfect combination of function and style.

  • christine

    i actually have this bag!!!

    i wore it in brown for about 2 months straight

  • Martha

    I love this bag, would buy in in another color (tan) if it was available. It is a wonderful, well constructed bag

  • Martha

    I love this bag, would buy in it another color (tan) if it was available. It is a wonderful, well constructed bag.