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As most of us know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Of course, it saddens me to think that a disease is so widespread that an entire month is dedicated to it. However, at the same time, I think it is absolutely wonderful to see socialites, business men, celebrities, designers and “every day people” like you and me coming together to raise awareness and money for the cure. Linea Pelle, a Savvy favorite of ours is going above and beyond to help with the cause. Linea Pelle has launched the “life is beautiful” campaign for breast cancer awareness. This Savvy brand will donate 25% of the purchase price of any of the “life is beautiful” handbags from October 1, 2008 – September 30, 2009 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Clearly, this is fabulous. However, better yet, the handbags are fabulous! Vlad, Megs and I had the opportunity to see the bags in person, and I have to say, there are a few I would love to have. The handbags available in the “life is beautiful” line are the Linea Pelle Dylan Tote, Dylan Clutch and Dylan Wallet. Each style of handbag is available in black or fuschia. The black Dylan Tote or Clutch has fuschia lining. I love the contrast of colors. But beyond that, the Dylan Tote is perfect for daily use just as it can be used while heading out to grab coffee or drinks with some friends. The space offered in this bag is great. And when I look for a tote, I need one with at least one side pocket, which this tote certainly has. A bag with lots of room like that can make it difficult to grab my keys or lip gloss quickly so a side pocket is crucial.

Personally, I think the fuschia wallet is gorgeous and spunky, all at once. And by the way, I just said this before, but fuschia is everywhere!!! Just yesterday Megs wrote about the Dior Medium 61 Tote while I wrote about the Kale Stella Shoulder Bag, both handbags sported the spicy fuschia color. Let’s be honest, we all love handbags. Wouldn’t it be great to purchase an amazing designer handbag that not only serves as a way to carry your stuff around and get noticed, but also helps raise money for Breast Cancer? If you need just one more reason to buy one of the “life is beautiful” items, how about this, buy this week only and shipping is FREE!!! Not a bad deal at all. Browse your options through Linea Pelle.

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  • Kaytey

    I think Breast Cancer awareness is great and all, but people tend to have an “I already gave to charity this year” way of thinking about things. With Breast Cancer being SO BIG in terms of public awareness and concern, not to mention the fact that it’s selected colour – pink – is super trendy to put on everything from appliances to butt plugs (yes, I’ve seen them), it seems like other, less glamorous cancers get the short shift. For instance, there will never be a rectal cancer awareness week, let alone month. Breast Cancer seems trendy to support, and I’m afraid maybe other diseases aren’t getting the support from charities that they need because of it. :/

  • Sabrina

    Personally, I’ll get behind any company that is willing to support a cause and I think 25% of the purchase price is uncommonly high. Most companies say % of “profits” not purchase price. I hear what you’re saying about all the BCA hype, but I think the thing about breast cancer is that it has such a high survival rate when caught early. It’s all about prevention. Though skin cancer and lung cancer have the highest number of new cases each year, breast and prostate are the next most common, with each disease affecting 180K+ men and women each year. At the end of the day, I think all causes are important and we are usually drawn to the ones that affect us most closely. BCA is something near and dear to my heart as are leukemia & lymphoma. I think the Dylan clutch will make a wonderful xmas gift for my friend who is a survivor. Let’s keep great causes alive!

  • Anilu Magloire

    Great efforts!
    These are super cute. Love the raspberry one.

  • Kaytey

    Yeah, I’m for sure not saying supporting breast cancer research is bad, of course, and kudos to Linea Pelle for supporting it.
    Rectal cancer is so easy to prevent if you take the proper precautions, but people don’t, because it’s embarrassing andnot glamorous at all, so that worries me, too. I guess I’m mostly just trying to remind people that there are other disease-fighting causes that need our support to! Support breast cancer research, but don’t forget that there other people dying of other things (like AIDS) where research money is needed, because governments won’t provide it (the amount of money poured into pharmaceutical companies for pills that “cure fatness” by western governments and corporations is crazy, but diseases sometimes get “forgotten”).

  • Maddy

    Free shipping is ongoing for these bags. If you don’t see them online, call – they are still available. I got mine this week and LOVE the color !

  • Aylin

    What about the information provided on Linea Pelle site as the items being defective? Were there any major issues regarding these products? Does anybody have any idea?

  • Underwear

    I think this is a new addition to my four Moo Roo minaudieres