LAMB Redfin Messenger BagI live right on the edge of East Bumble Nowhere, admittedly. The town I live in is really cool, and probably (in my completely biased opinion) the greatest college town in the country, but I live about 3 minutes from the edge of town, which means that livestock is just around the bend. And there’s a flock of sheep out there, which means LAMBS! And they’re adorable in ways you can’t even imagine, and so tiny when they’re born!

And there’s also a lamb on the front of the LAMB Redfin Messenger Bag, and although lambs are cute, and I get why this brand in particular would be using pictures of barnyard animals, I feel like they could have made other types of winking references to their name without being so obvious and literal. Beyond making a bag SHAPED like a lamb, I think this is just about as literal as you could get, and this really isn’t say “high end” to me. Buy through Luna Boston for $195.

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  • Emma

    Then why post about it?

  • Amanda Mull

    Well, we review the good and the bad. It would be a really boring and twee blog if all we ever said was how much we love everything. And just because one of us doesn’t like it doesn’t mean we all don’t like it or it’s not the perfect bag for someone out there. It’s just one opinion.

  • 19yearslater

    Whoa- it actually has a lamb on it. And the lamb appears to be dressed as a king. This idea should never have made it past the “well, our name is l.a.m.b., . . .” stage.