Excuse me for a moment, I’m suddenly feeling quite nauseous. Based on the picture to the left, I’m sure you can all figure out why. I almost didn’t even want to post about the Juicy Couture Blue Blood Weekend Bag so that I wouldn’t have to be assaulted with its image every time I click over to PurseBlog Savvy, but I feel that it is such an egregious violation of good taste that something has to be said.

Everyone has seen the carts in the mall that sell thinly veiled Louis Vuitton knock-offs with slightly different monograms and “leather” trim that looks like its been covered in spray-tan, but I’m genuinely surprised that another high-end (or should we be calling them “high-end” with scare quotes at this point?) brand would pull the same stunt, particularly in a way that looks so unforgivably cheap.

I’m willing to entertain the idea that perhaps Juicy Couture is trying to skewer a very high-brow aesthetic and has merely failed miserably at doing so. Even if that’s the case, however, how many people had to sign off on this bag’s production before it came to store shelves, and does lawsuit-happy Louis Vuitton plan to sue them? I sort of feel like filing a lawsuit just for being required to look at this bag. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $350.

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  • marian t

    this would have been a nice bag without the red/blue thing. (fb)

  • poodle

    egregious. i have never been a fan of juicy and this just cinches it. epic epic epic fail.

  • Jane

    I have never liked JC and I will not start now. The leather does have a spray on tan quality that is so thick I would be checking my hands every time I put the bag down to make sure my hands weren’t orange. I get the high brow rugby look they are trying to go for, but like you said they failed. (fb)

  • swags

    As soon as I looked at it, it reminded me of a louis vuitton bag. Especially with the stripes as LV is doing a mon monogram with stripes.

    Juicy would have been better off doing this bag in different colors, trim and skipping the stripes.

  • Beth

    What’s really sad is that it is even uglier than the knock-off bags you can get for about $100! (fb)

  • Celeste

    So not a fan of Juicy (other than the comfy hoodies) and fail to see how they charge so much for their stuff. And this is such a blatant rip-off, I hope LVMH does sue them. (fb)

  • Paulina

    This is so ugly. And the name? Also ugly. (fb)

  • 19yearslater

    I think it’s kind of funny that they made this bag like LV and then named it Blue Blood. I’m not saying that I like it, but there’s a sense of humor behind this bag.

  • Belle

    Net-a-porter is stocking them? Really? Normally they have such wonderful taste.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Well can’t believe Juicy Couture have made such a complete rip off !!! The color, the print, the monogram stripe What the….(fb)

  • Exo

    Awful. Glancing quickly, I thought for a minute you were praising the bag, then I read it and totally agree with you! Goodness, that bag is an atrocity.

  • Leslie

    I just have to say I don’t like the colours of the strips. The shape is okay. (fb)

  • Rebecca

    Everything about this bag is awful. I can’t believe that Juicy would make something that looks like such a rip off. (fb)

  • Leticia

    I wouldn’t expect anything less hideous from “high-end” brand Juicy Couture. (fb)